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Bill’s ADDventures – Off to Work

Bill’s ADDventures – Off to Work


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ADD & Loving it?! – Trailer – Video

ADD & Loving it?! – Trailer – Video

ADD & Loving it?! – Trailer – Video

ADD & Loving It?! is a ground-breaking blend of humour, hope, and science that dispels the myths about a controversial disorder – Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Comedian Patrick McKenna seeks a diagnosis for Adult ADHD and learns the facts from an impressive array of experts (some of whom have ADHD themselves!) including medical researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, and award-winning authors. Along the way Patrick reveals how his life as a husband and father are affected by ADD and even shares candid moments as he and his wife Janis work on the steps toward his diagnosis.

Funny, moving, and transformative, this fascinating documentary will hold you spellbound. Yes, even if you have ADHD!

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PATRICK MCKENNA:  This is a documentary that dares to suggest that ADD is not necessarily a total disaster.

DR. VINCENT:  ADHD stands for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

DR. JAIN: Three core symptoms:  Attention, impulse control and motor hyperactivity.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  You know, a lot of people think that ADD is some sort of death sentence, while other people think it’s nothing at all, it’s completely made up, not an issue.

DR HALLOWELL: There are many myths about ADD and I think maybe that’s the scariest, is that there are so many.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  The amount of misinformation is incredible.  The experts aren’t sure of a lot of things and some widely accepted theories have been shot down.

DR. VINCENT:  We have so much data, so much research behind it.

DR. JAIN:  We probably are misdiagnosing it as things like anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  I mean, recognized, acknowledged and accepted, ADD can become an ally.

KATE KELLY:  There’s a feeling when you have unmedicated ADD that I don’t feel good, I don’t feel enough, there’s something out there.

DR. KURTZ:  Moderate or severe ADHD that goes untreated, leaves you really at a loss of life.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  There’s millions of parents and children who are suffering.  As a former child and current adult and parent of ADD, trust me, I know.

DR. JAIN:  You’re built this way.  Your genes drive this.

DR. KURTZ:  What I learned to do in graduate school to treat ADHD, I would now consider malpractice.

DR. VINCENT:  Aspirin would be more dangerous than Ritalin.

DR HALLOWELL:  So the good news is these medications used properly are safe and effective.  The bad news is most people don’t know that and so they fear them.

PATRICK MCKENNA:   So whether you’ve heard that ADD submits you to a life of crime and suffering and possible cannibalism, many of you have heard the complete opposite, that it’s all bull roar made up by the drug companies.  Whatever you heard, be prepared to be surprised.

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ADD & Mastering It! – Trailer

ADD & Mastering It! – Trailer

ADD & Mastering It! – Trailer

Get the DVD version of ADD & Mastering It! as seen on PBS… Plus Bonus Material!

Comedians Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, the team from the award-winning ADD & Loving It?! and the ground-breaking web site are back. This funny and fascinating program will transform your life and the world around you.

ADD & Mastering It!  is fast, visual and as entertaining as it is informative. The program targets the specific challenges of ADHD & ADD with 36 simple tools. Rick and Patrick share proven strategies that they use, ones that work with the ADHD/ADD mindset. They bring to life the strategies that will make you organized, powerful, productive and achieving what matters to you.

These are practices they have used to become successful ADHD adults.  Joined by 20 top ADHD experts who offer clear advice so you can begin moving forward with power and strength. The light touch that Patrick and Rick bring makes this a fun process, rather than something intimidating. These are strategies you’ll want to try. Rather than feel pressured or obligated.

Download the free Cheat Sheet on this page

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My Child Has No Friends – Video

My Child Has No Friends – Video



My Child Has No Friends – Video

Doctor Bill Pelham shares a powerful story about a child with ADHD that transformed how he views the disorder, and reveals the real reason you want to get it handled. It’s not about higher scores on tests. It’s about having a life you like, with friends, successes, and self-esteem.

One of the areas that is most problematic is the ability to get along with other children. This is something that very few people thought about for a long time.



I didn’t think about for a long time, I was doing a study in 1977, we were doing a treatment study for adhd and at the end of the study I was meeting with the teacher of the child that I had worked with for the whole year. Everybody told me that he made tremendous progress, we’d tried some behavioural treatments, some medication, he was doing well and so forth. I meet with the teacher and ask were the kid is and I was observing him and he was all by himself at one end of the playground. Everybody else is playing with someone else and I realized that not one person talked to him or wanted to play with him he was all alone at recess. I asked the teacher why he was all alone and she said no one likes him they all hate him. She says he is obnoxious to other kids so no one talks to him they just avoid him.

I said that we’d been working with each other for a year and you never said anything about peer relationships and she said that you never asked about peer relationships.

So immediately we went to the literature to see what peer relationships was like in ADHD kids.

We took all the kids in the study and did sociometrics in there classrooms. When you do that it means having all the kids in the class fill out a piece of paper and they list the names of 3 kids they like and 3children they don’t like.

Almost every kid had about 10 people who they didn’t want to know and that they didn’t want to play with. That was about a 50% rate of the kids in the class. That was more then 3 times higher then the non-adhd kids in the class.

We were shocked by the results because this is not something that we have thought about before. We immediately started working on it because this was a hugely important domain and these kids had a lot of difficulties. That finding of watching the kid at recess lead to the whole field in social skills training for kids with ADHD to the summer camp..  … things they do in peer relationships.

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“But he can focus when he wants to.” WRONG!!!

“But he can focus when he wants to.” WRONG!!!


“But he can focus when he wants to.” WRONG!!!  – Video

One of the most common reasons people dismiss the possibility of ADHD is that the person can focus. But only when it’s something that interests them. Of course, what me mean by interest is lots of brain activity. It’s easy to do something when your brain is firing on all cylinders. When you have enough neuro-transmitters. The challenge is to wake the brain up. Video games do that. But so does driving too fast, getting into a fight, having an affair, gambling, or any number of other behaviours.

I thought I knew a lot about my Attention Deficit Disorder. But when we were making the documentary “ADD & Loving It”, I was surprised by a number of things. Partly cause there’s so much to learn, and new discoveries are always being made. And partly because… I forget things. *  Forgetfulness is common with people who have…you know, uh what’s it called.  I have it.  I think. *

One of the things we heard again and again was Hyper-focus.  Sounds like one of the X-Men. *ADHD and ADD is not just about being inattentive and easily distracted and who wants ice cream…  * It’s about uneven attention.  Lots, then none.  And no control over when you have lots or none.  Sometimes, la de dah
And sometimes it’s about being so focussed that you lose track of time, and don’t realize five hours have passed and you’re now starving and you have four seconds to find a toilet before your bladder bursts…*

Doctor’s call it Hyper Focusing.  Artists call it, flow.  Athletes call it being in the zone.  I call it “Remember to breathe, Ricky.” *

Adults with ADD will tell their Doctor, or any Doctor, cause we talk a lot, * “Doctor, sometimes I can really focus like no one I know.” Their spouses will say, “Yeah, he can focus when he wants to.”   Author

(CYNICAL) “He can focus when he wants to.”  Well, sort of.  And not really.  He, or she ,may be able to really focus, but not always when they want to.  And not necessarily on the right thing.  “She managed to hook a rug in one 38 hour stretch… during which five dogs died of starvation.” *

Which is why an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder can sit down at his/her desk to write up an urgent report and end up spending two hours making a cool picture for next year’s Christmas card. *

Lots of people have told us that sometimes ADD is like the channel’s keep changing and someone else has the remote. But then, sometimes you can sit and watch the same channel for 10 hours straight… and miss the program you really wanted to see. *

And unfortunately your life doesn’t come with a VCR or PVR.  Just a lot of IOU’S, SNAFU’S and I’m P.O’d. *

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