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ADHD & Money Issues – Video

Stephanie Sarkis talks about ADD & Money.


I’ve seen people with an astronomical amount of credit card debt.  I’ve seen people pay really high interest on loans because there credit had some bad hits to it because their credit score was low.  I’ve had people on the brink of divorce because they had a joint account and people weren’t keeping track of what money was going out where.  I’ve had people come in that have just given up on keeping track of there money and I’ve had several people tell me that oh I just keep track of my chequing account in my head, I don’t write it down.  So those are some of the common things that I see and it seems to be the main issues that is across all areas of that is impulsivity and difficulty in regulating spending and then also attaching an emotional value to  money as well.   The money us just money, it’s not good or bad it’s just  a way of procuring things so I think what happens is part of what I do is work with people is that money is not an emotional thing, it’s the emotions that you put on it.  So we talk about that.

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Stephanie Sarkis talks about ADD & Money.

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One Response to “ADHD & Money Issues – Video”

  1. nicknite says:

    That’s all well and good, and something I recognise. so my husband has always looked over the money. But now I’m on such a tight budget I cant even buy books. (unless it happens to be one that he agrees I should buy! which is few and far between) I know there is no answer, just wanted to express it.