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One Response to “ADHD and Brain Injury”

  1. blackdog says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree, on several points.

    Feral Alcohol Syndrome may have many things in common with ADHD- poor judgement, impulsivity, lack of foresight or ability to understand consequences, behvioural challenges etc.- but it is not ADHD. It’s FAS.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder is also not ADHD, regardless of whether some autistic people have trouble paying attention. It’s still ASD

    The same thing can be said for traumatic brain injuries. Damage to certain areas of the brain results in similar symptoms, but it is still not ADHD.

    The symptoms may be the same, and the same treatments may benefit all of these different groups of people, but that doesn’t mean they have ADHD. A heart attack and a stroke are treated with much the same medications and lifestyle changes. But that doesn’t make a heart attack a stroke, or a stroke a heart attack. Antidepressants are prescribed to help people quit smoking, but that doesn’t mean that all smokers suffer from depression.