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ADHD Awareness Month in 1 minute. You’re welcome!

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ADHD Awareness Month in 1 minute. You’re welcome.

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5 Responses to “ADHD Awareness Minute (no music)”

  1. raph009 says:

    I find this extremely accurate.

  2. smith says:


  3. sheilabridget says:

    Only 4% of adults?

  4. wiredonjava says:

    Faster Rick, faster, I’m drifting

  5. onthepath says:

    Thanks, Rick

    Everyday I thank God I have ADD. Diagnosed at 62
    I’m 75 and kicking butt with my life.
    I get a sense that I am providing entertainment for many. And I love it. Comedians trick is to take you down one path and change at the unexpected end.
    I say things not knowing where it will lead but my ADD always supplies a funny, thought provoking finish.
    While I can’t hold on to many thoughts I accept that and keep going. Life is a blast. Thank-you. Richard