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ADHD Is Like Height – Everyone Has Some

Here’s one analogy that may help others to understand what it’s like to get an ADD diagnosis in adulthood.

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Here’s one analogy that may help others to understand what it’s like to get an ADD diagnosis in adulthood.

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9 Responses to “ADHD Is Like Height – Everyone Has Some – Video”

  1. Rick says:

    I was talking to the Osteopath who has worked miracles after I took a nasty fall last year. In three sessions he straightened out and restored mobility and flexibility to my arm, shoulder, wrist, etc.. Just amazing.

    He said that the school of Osteopathy he graduated from was a 7 year degree. Then another school opened with a 5 year program. Then another city near here got a school with a three year program. Then yet another offered a 2 year program…

    The range of skill levels and knowledge is amazing. If you can find a good doctor, you are a very lucky person.

  2. keithrs says:

    Omigosh, true story:

    I injured my back, which caused a pinched nerve and related issues, including walking crooked. My physical therapist decided my left leg was shorter than my right, and had me wear a corrective shoe insert. I started seeing a therapist due to stress, who told me it was obvious my right leg is in fact the shorter one. (Please don’t ask why a psychologist feels he’s an expert in musculoskeletal medicine). Finally, I saw a chiropractor who (I believe) forced my spleen out through my large intestine, said both my legs are the same length and sent me on my way – upright.

    The point is, like the leg thing, my journey with ADHD has been very similar. Doctors all have different opinions and ideas about treatment. Friends try to be helpful, but are usually not. Family tries to understand, and often cannot. It’s on us to trust our instincts and keep trying.

    Thanks, Rick!

  3. diamondr says:

    Ohhhh, So all the bruises and scrapes and minor cuts on my legs are from those damn lockers!!?? Ahhh, no worries then. My prom king didn’t age well at all! Thank you Rick for your clarity, insight and the laughter you provide. Love you guys!

  4. Robbo says:

    LOL!!! hehehe. ***grin*** Got left turn itis?!, Ack!

    Umm… Ditto! Thanks Rick.

  5. Robbo says:

    Great!, someone posted a link to this one, I sorta remember it. But it’s great to see again.. I think. I probably did see it before… in a month or two I’ll watch it again and have just as much fun, probably ; )

    I remember how much fun it is to be forgetful. Sometimes.

    thanks again Rick.

  6. Rick says:

    I am constantly encountering people who suspect they have ADHD, or are certainly leaning that way, and they are afraid of getting the diagnosis. If you don’t know what it actually is, and how much can be done about it if you take on a holistic treatment approach, then no wonder.

  7. BlackADDer says:

    I really appreciate this as I did actually discover I had a bone disorder since birth that wasn’t diagnosed. Unfortunately, not soon enough but still, having it made me aware of the ADHD in my life and I wouldn’t have begun the this journing of reflection had it not been for this.

    cheers x

  8. Rick says:

    Will do! My goodness aren’t they fun to do! We’re trying to figure out a way for other people to contribute their own videos and rants. Stay tuned!


  9. Burnsey says:

    Great Blog Rick!!! Keep ’em up!