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YOU: “I don’t know how I can ever repay you!

US: “Well, actually…”


Do you love what we do here at TotallyADD?

Hi, I’m Rick Green. Along with my wife Ava, I created ADD & Loving It?! and Until then neither of us had ever produced a documentary or created a website. We had no idea what we were getting into or where it would lead.

Now, 7 years into this amazing ride, a one-off documentary has become a full-time career. One PBS documentary spawned a second, ADD & Mastering It!. The website, created to support the broadcast of ADD & Loving It?! has scores of free videos featuring almost 7o experts, scores of free webinars, free tools, a public Forum with thousands of conversations, a hundred blogs, and a shop with amazing programs on everything from Sleep Issues and Holistic Solutions, to Careers and Medication.

Every day brings more messages of gratitude from people, explaining how TotallyADD inspired and empowered them to get a proper diagnosis and move forward, free from fear and stigma.

“Thanks for saving my life and giving me a 2nd chance.”

“The impact it has had on my life is just plain indescribable. What a resource!”

“I’ve been misdiagnosed for over almost 30 years. This explains my life the way nothing else has. I feel like I have a whole new lease on life!”

– Real live visitors.

Many of these messages end with…

“I wish there was some way I could repay you…”

“If only you knew how much this has meant to me…”

“I don’t know how to I can ever thank you…”

In fact, there is a way. By making a small, one-time financial contribution..

Your donation, of any amount, will keep the site thriving, up-to-date, and running smoothly for years to come. A million people a year visit,

Take a moment to consider the difference ADHD has made for you. Have we changed how you see yourself and ADHD? Have you found tools or strategies that worked ? Have we made you laugh when you were struggling?

How many hundreds of dollars would you have paid a doctor, marriage counselor, therapist, or coach to know what you know, and be where you are now?

It’s impossible to put a price on transformation, but please, do take a moment to acknowledge the many ways TotallyADD has helped you, your loved ones, and people in your life.Donate ButtonTotallyADD is not a charity. So, why would you make a donation?

You’re smart,  you know that FREE actually does come at a cost. SOMEONE has to pay for the software, servers, upgrades, maintenance, customer support, and social media. Then there’s the cost to shoot and edit the videos, plus the travel to interview the experts.

Our web-wizard and jack-of-all-video-trades, Jimi Doidge, started as an unpaid intern and has become our mainstay. Since TotallyADD was launched, Ava, Jimi and I have worked non-stop to produce more videos, interview scores of experts, host dozens of webinars, create audios, blogs, and more. Rick co-wrote a book and is working on another right now.

“I appreciate y’all, you’re saving my life.”

“Thank you for this book, you have saved my life.”

“It’s one thing to know that you have this, but trying to explain it to friends and family is almost impossible. This was the hugest thing we got out of it.”

A government grant funded the construction of the original website in 2009. Tax credits helped cover costs of much-needed make-over in 2011. And we’re grateful to live in a country that supports us in doing that, but those programs have ended.

Residuals from PBS were the primary source of funding for everything we do, but that is now coming to an end.

Sales in our shop help, but our commitment to make everything affordable means they never quite cover the cost of production.

So… that’s the dilemma. A one-off documentary became an ongoing crusade. It wasn’t planned. It certainly was a surprise. A delightful surprise. But an ongoing crusade cannot continue without ongoing funding.

I don’t want to charge membership dues. Or users fees. We don’t have to fill the site with advertising. Or seek funding from corporate sponsors.  I want TotallyADD to remain an independent, trusted, and ADHD-Friendly source of information and motivation. A blend, as someone said, of “humor, hope and humanity.” 

I hope you want that too.   I Will Help Donate ButtonWhat can I do?

Right now, it’s very important for you to make a donation. Five dollars. Twenty. Fifty. Whatever works for you.

Whatever you contribute will have a big impact, and will be deeply appreciated.

A one-time donation is great, however a regular monthly donation will allow us to plan ahead and expand what TotallyADD does for you. It’s not about paying us back for all we’ve done. It’s about paying it forward so we can keep bringing you more great stuff, and keep transforming lives. (It’s estimated that 85% of adults who qualify as ADHD have no idea what’s going on. That’s a lot of unnecessary suffering.)

TotallyADD is not a charity. We cannot issue tax receipts. Your donation is not a ‘write-off’ or ‘deduction.’ Which makes your gift especially meaningful.

Let me assure you it’s well spent. We make the most of every dollar we receive. Ava, Jimi and I have developed a unique ability to create a big bang for every buck. And there are so many more ideas for videos, tools, workbooks, and more… Your support can make them happen.

Your generous donation guarantees that we will be here for the millions of adults who still struggle through life, undiagnosed and unaware that there is hope.

Support TotallyADD on our mission to create connection, share knowledge, and fuel accomplishment.

Because TotallyADD is for you and everyone who is struggling. We are all in this together.

Best always

Rick Green

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