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As NOT SEEN on PBS. (Awkward outtakes.)

We’re excited that many PBS stations are running ADD & Loving It?! for the first time. (Hello St. Louis!)  Many other PBS affiliates are still running it thanks to your support. (If your local PBS station isn’t running this program, contact them through their website and let them know how valuable it is. A few viewers asking is often all it takes.)

Since ADD & Loving It?!  is on sale in our shop this week, we thought we’d run this again. It hasn’t been seen for years. It’s Patrick McKenna and I, having fun as he tries to deliver a short ‘promo’ for the Global Television Network in Canada, who first ran the documentary.

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Some outtakes from ADD & Loving It?! with Rick Green and Patrick McKenna.

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2 Responses to “Rick Green & Patrick McKenna in Dundas Square Outtakes”

  1. jacqueline79 says:

    “loving” not “lik ving” but maybe that’s how vikings love, and if that’s the case then I do lik ving you guys!

  2. jacqueline79 says:

    I’m like ving you guys and ADD,