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People with ADHD seem to lack self-discipline. In a way, it’s true. The self-regulation or ‘stop’ signal is not strong. The part of the brain that has you stop and consider consequences is not firing properly. Or at all. The result is impulsivity. The ADDer interrupts, gets distracted, misses social cues, gets up and moves, and, ‘doesn’t do what they’re expected to do,’ when that expectation is to sit still, shut-up, pay attention, and listen. No kid wants to do that. ADHD & ADD kids can’t.

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5 Responses to “No Self Discipline & Lots of Guilt – Video”

  1. ladygogo says:

    Just read the comments about the reflection. Watched it again. Cool

  2. ladygogo says:

    This is sooooo me. I love this doctor!

  3. Scattybird says:

    Hey well spotted Ashockley!

  4. ashockley55 says:

    You can see Rick’s (Rick’s?) reflection in the glass behind the speaker. You can see him listening and also the videographer off to his side. I noticed that when I couldn’t pay attention to her talking anymore and started looking around behind her.

  5. Scattybird says:

    I like the reflections of the lamp, bag and computer on the glass table top. 🙂