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Bill reminds himself and everyone else, about what separates ADHD from occasional absent-mindedness.

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13 Responses to “Bill’s ADDventures – Off to Work”

  1. ipsofacto says:

    I’ve broken several cups/travel mugs by driving away while the cup was on the roof. Always followed by “i can’t believe I did that again”.

  2. bonnieinpixels says:

    “Mr. Organization is good to go!!” <333

  3. Jeannius says:

    I always find I cannot remember if I actually locked the door or not because I do it on autopilot! One frustrating thing is, it isn’t just me in this family..My 18 year old is even more ADD and while my 11 year old isn’t diagnosed and actually does well in school, she also shows tendencies…… so book bags, books, homework etc…things get forgotten or misplaced all the time!

  4. evancwright says:

    Having since been diagnosed as ADHD, I can fess up to actually having done this. On my honeymoon, I actually walked out of our cruise ship cabin and started walking to the gym in my underwear. I’ve also gone to work with only one side of my face shaved, because I got lost in thought during the process.

  5. brentitude says:

    This is me in the morning too. I’ve left for work with my slippers on too, but fortunately, they look similar enough to street shoes that no one even noticed. Haha – I can always laugh at myself later, but I get so frustrated and upset with myself when it’s happening.

  6. Steve says:

    I think my neighbors time me to see how long it take for me to return for something .It`s so good to know I`m finally not alone

  7. dspicelady says:

    After laughing hysterically with my daughter at the similarities of Rick and myself on this one, I proceeded to rush out the door for work, only to return moments later to get the “forgotten” object. Way, way too familiar!

  8. smallpaul60 says:

    My dad (who I’m pretty sure I got my ADD from) does the bucket trick with with his upside down hat. and another trick is he has a list of everything he needs for the day(wallet, watch, etc) in the hat.

  9. ShaneG says:

    Wow. That’s me too! Except I have a 4 year year old that I have to get ready, out the door and off to the sitters or preschool alone. My Wife is up and gone long before I’m even awake.
    I end up rushing and running around like a mad man.

  10. Saffron says:

    Ooooh, this is painfully familiar. And SO much funnier when Rick acts it out.

  11. JimiTheGeek says:

    Okay, I have never forgotten my pants, but otherwise, yeah, sadly familiar. If only I could laugh at me the way i laugh at this guy.

  12. BlackADDer says:

    I can’t even tell you the amount of times I done this.
    This is my life! I leave my slippers on.

  13. allovertheplace says:

    “Bill” completely captured what my life is like EVERYTIME I try to get out the door!