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At last! Find out if you might have ADHD. And have fun at the same time.
This isn’t scientific. But every ADHD expert we showed it to thought it was brilliant.
But then, who knows, maybe they have ADHD too. (Bonus: Share it with people around you who don’t believe in ADHD, or don’t understand how it messes with you. They may finally get it.)
BTW, if you make it to the end, you deserve a prize.

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4 Responses to “Our ‘Unofficial’ ADHD Test – Video”

  1. aeldoh says:

    And also I didn’t make it til the end of the video. I needed to go watch something else and I went on Youtube…

  2. aeldoh says:

    Hey there ! I would like to know if, as a teenager (I’m 15) the test applies to me. I just passed your test and there was only one question where I answered “NO” But maybe it’s because I’m a teenager ? But I still think I work differently from the others.

    (And sorry if I made any faults, I’m an French who learn English)

  3. Rick says:

    @wiredonjava, you deserve at least that many points. And possibly a vacation in a quiet, tropical hideaway. Glad you found it funny. We giggled as we made it. And Ava thought maybe we should do a shorter version. Maybe we will. But then that’s a big part of the joke…

  4. wiredonjava says:

    OMGosh Rick, this feels like a never-ending generous multi-pointary quiz. Funny as heck but can I have a 1000000 pt bonus for sticking it out til the end?