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7 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Kate Kelly”

  1. goodrichdirt says:

    people with add are leading the way–i agree kate kelly
    wish you were still with us

  2. oldadd says:

    She looks so great in this interview. Her wisdom has meant a lot to me over the years. Sorry that she is gone…she left a great legacy for adults with ADD/HD.

  3. distractomom says:

    wow we share some similar beliefs. I’m late to this community wish I had a chance to know her more.

  4. brett8181 says:

    What a shame to lose such an articulate and intuitive spokes person. Best wishes to her loved ones.

  5. Carry says:

    I appreciated her contribution to the documentary very much, by her cheerful and enthousiastic way of speaking about our beloved flaw! 🙂 It’s obvious she will be missed greatly by her loved ones.

  6. KDADD says:

    RIP KATE!!

    Your contribution to the ADD world will always be remembered and YOU will never be forgotten!!