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Sh*t no adult with ADD would ever say!

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27 Responses to “Sh*t no ADDer says…”

  1. jojosephine says:

    That is hilarious HA HA HA!

  2. Fabulous says:

    Love this.

  3. nellie says:

    I just love this video! Have watched it several times since it was first put up and it just never gets old! makes me crack up every time….

  4. says:

    Great video! Laughed until I woke my husband up. Beyond relieved to hear that my daughter isn’t the only child on the planet trained to find moms glasses! And add keys lost: in checkout line at store: stuffed between books on library shelf: in the ignition of my BROTHERs Jeep, not my Jeep!

  5. BostonBetty says:

    Oh God, TOO FUNNY!!!!! Some of the comments are hysterical, too. It feels good to laugh about all of this sh*t!!!

  6. Misswho23 says:

    New to this site and this video made me laugh so hard!
    Thought I would share…
    TOP PLACES I have lost my keys and was also late for work as a consequence.

    1. In the snow – didn’t find them until the spring thaw.

    2. In the snow again – a friend was smart enough to go outside with a broom where I had been. Turned out aliens did not take them.

    3. Down the elevator shaft – only maintenance staff could retrieve them.
    The bright yellow cord I had tied to them so I could hold on to them did not help since it was not around my neck. But it make them easier to find for the maintenance staff.

    4. In my car – which was stolen because they were in my car. So in that case both car and keys were lost. But I did get a new car out of that one! I had kept up on insurance! Whew!

    5. On the hook by my front door but that’s the last place I would look for them.

    If you have ADD then you know these are not made up excuses! But actual events that really happen.
    I’m not sure I should mention the top places my glasses have been lost.

  7. Orion says:

    Excellent! All of it is so true. There is a scene I would add to it though.

    You enter a bank lobby and see a long line of people waiting. You say: ” Nice! I love lines! I’ll just stand here at the back of the line, waiting patiently, relaxing and enjoying my time.”

  8. golfindan821 says:

    This video so friggin good!! Im just amazed you could think of all the different situations! I can’t believe how good it feels to hear others describing this stuff in their life and realizing WOW….. somebody else really does struggle with these things as badly as I do. It’s liberating in a way. I remember when I saw the show on TV and couldn’t stop watching, and literally had tears in my eyes… A d I’m 53 yrs old!