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TotallyADD Video Tour


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TotallyADD Video Tour  

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15 Responses to “TotallyADD Video Tour”

  1. audrey says:

    I can get from the teachers with add page to the homepage but not the other way around, I’m already too frustrated to continue!!!!!

  2. mytwisteddna says:

    Hi! The resources on this site are wonderful! I’m looking forward to perusing the videos and site. For the record, last year I watched ADD and Loving it?! in one of my classes.. by the end I was 95% sure I had ADHD also! Soooo in my 40s, I’ve now been diagnosed and I LOVE IT! Haha! It explains my whole life!!! Thank you for all of the information you’re providing. Also, way back in the day I met Rick Green at Word on the Street in Toronto and asked for his autograph for my younger brother who watched his show, Prisoners of Gravity. I caught episodes with my lil bro after that and also enjoyed the show 🙂

  3. nlkpluming says:

    In plumber Chadstone each and every residential as well as commercial property has complicated and intricate plumbing drafts. For example, drainage lines, wastage lines and the comprehensive systems for water incoming are wrapped and positioned in specific manners for finishing a system that runs smoothly.

  4. cinderella says:

    Can anyone out there tell me if they’re too emotional? If so… what meds have helped you? More often than not, I seem to “feel” very deeply, and can sense others’ emotions… too much, and cry even when very happy… and very sad. I’m currently on Welbutrin (300), over 50, done with menopause, and would like to know how others have handled their overly empathic ways. Besides being an ugly crier… : ) I need to know if there are any meds better suited for someone like me.
    Thank you

  5. nancypants says:

    It’s actually difficult to even log In and know if I’m do my I wtong or even on this site and going to be understood and pissably find any help. I have every single SYMTOMS of Ashe and all ready been diagnosed but easily done just in speaking with people it’s to know. I’m now divorced after a 27 year MARRAGE and have gone on to not find myself at all able to function Inwhat was TOTTALLY to right off and go on to be somthing g even my own ATTORNY only commented on I. That she was concerned I would not handle well and I also agreed yet somehow in all the SADDNESS and disbelief of divorce it went on as if I’d not asked THET to be u sera told and please help me i. All theft was acknowledged as concern and I confirmed YES and I needed to be given that support and have it to make sure I was take. Care if and represented I. The divorce so I would not be to find her concerns had then gone on to prove valid , which unfortunately they did and I am now in such a state of ?? Can’t even find the words to dis five what I believe is becouse of my ADD and what I know I am still accountable for or think I am but has been so overwhelming and choices I have followed along and made and now think I’ve been a victim and still will not ever be ok in what I’ve gone on to learn my own family would choose to not understand and or support and has throw. Me out to a world I’d never been exposed to as if I would suddenly know and be able to handle and becouse it was not ever to allow me to do when married but then I somehow was expected to understand and handle it is now my fault in all that I have RUIEND list given away or messed up and I’m not even sure how much trouble I may be in but it’s been said I’m on my own after I asked for hel p and APPOLIGIZED for what I thought I’d done that needed apology but truly still feel more like even that’s not the case and I asked for help u errata do g and GUIDENCE to teach and believe in me and show my three children there mom was to respect and value but FOhnd that was too much to ask and am on my own after having millions and never having to learn such normal things that I was expected to understand and handle after the DEVISTATIon of divorce and having to live in a community with my ex who is ADDORED by all and wealthy and sucsseful and truly really is a good man but did not know how or what to think and just needed somthing more then I could be so just looks like I’m to. Be BLQMED which has take.n all I cared about away from me and I am struggling to find anything g will be ok after the damage is done and I’ve LITTERALLY lost everyone and everything I cared about but even worse in what I find I’m seen as a freak who is stupid and all that goes along with this add

  6. gina says:

    Hi everyone *ss*

    My name is Gina and im from Denmark 🙂

    Im 52 and TOTALY ADHD – got 2 wonderfull daughters – Nadia is 26, and Vicktoria is 14, they both ARE (is say i am ADHD, i dot got ADHD) wonderfull ADHD girls <3 The 3 of us also got side diagnoses. I have a Mainecoon breed called Tomahawk, and the cats give us so much every day – every one with ADHD could have at least one cat or another pet.

    Hugs to you all.


  7. bhenderson72 says:

    I am a mom and wife and all 4 of us have been diagnosed with ADHD. My youngest was the first to be diagnosed 5 years ago, I was next this past January, followed by my oldest and lastly my husband. The past 2 years have been the hardest on all of us, with not enough support in the schools, misunderstanding in the work place and not enough professionals too teach us the tools and strategies to teach us ways to get us out of our bad habits. It has been such a struggle, I have gone through 8 jobs creating fear and self doubt along with a host of financial problems… I have lost faith and really am not sure which way to go.

  8. dutuyewi says:

    how does blog works… can i post

  9. judygb says:

    Hi I am a healthcare professional and a mother of a teen with ADHD.

    We are studying women over age 18 with ADHD/ADD. This one time survey is completely anonymous, very easy, and only takes a minute to complete. It looks at how attention and mood vary through the menstrual cycle.
    Please volunteer and help us learn more. Thanks!

  10. briand362 says:

    I wonder if there is a non medication like vitiams to help with my ADHD thank you Brian DuPont

  11. andi777 says:

    Well, I got about 12 seconds into the Stat Here video and was distracted by other things….

  12. crystalsphinx says:

    How does Connect work? Do I need a different email address

  13. BobB says:


    I totally agree, I do, Myzee,
    3’s a better number than zero to me!
    Your comment has that ADD style
    Surely had to give me a smile!

  14. Myzee says:

    p.s. is there a little thing button to push somewhere if we want to delete or edit our comments????

  15. Myzee says:

    Wow….I saw that nobody had commented here yet…..actually it’s not true that nobody commented here….shouldn’t I have said ‘not anybody’…..more gramatically correct would be ‘someone didn’t comment here????
    ……ok…I just caught myself….now back on topic ………………………………………did I have a topic ?……I just didn’t like seeing 0 COMMENTS posted under this video….didn’t seem right somehow…..and I gotta admit…I do feeel special when I’m FIRST… I’m feeling that if anybody here is reading this they might be judging me because of what I’m saying…

    .but no….The Code of Honour(or is that Honor with no ‘u’)…I like it with the ‘u’ as in ‘you’…. makes it more personal ………anyway…
    .maybe I should take my picture down,,,,can’t remember how it got there anyway….joined this group ages ago and just now participating…….
    anyway…It’s much easier if I feel y’all think I’m ‘wingy’ if I hide right….??…won’t be as embarassing

    Ok….so I’m going now and now there’s no…or rather there ‘isn’t’ any lonley little 0 COMMENTS posted under this video…..