Women & ADD/ADHD

Do Women With ADHD Have Extra Challenges?

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

After years of making fun of men’s foibles on The Red Green Show, and then making a documentary  about a man, Patrick McKenna, being diagnosed with ADHD, it’s time to talk about women who have ADHD.

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Her FAST MIND – Women With ADHD

By Team TotallyADD

Perhaps the most under-served segment of the ADHD population are adult women. So often, their ADHD is overlooked, not on anyone’s radar, or misdiagnosed as Anxiety or Depression. Our friend, Zoë Kessler, author of ADHD According to Zoë kept telling me, “YOU HAVE TO HAVE DR. TIM BILKEY DO A WEBINAR WITH YOU! He has developed some amazing stuff around women with ADHD!” Being a woman with ADHD, I trusted her opinion…

Adult ADHD | Guest Blog | Women & ADD/ADHD


By Admin

For a woman with ADD, the healing starts in her brain and continues in her heart.
In order for women with the executive function struggles of ADHD to maximize their strengths and increase their feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, it is usually necessary to re-structure the way they set up their lives both at home and at work.
This means that first, they must come to a deep understanding and acceptance of how they function best, how their brains work, and become willing to ask for support for their challenges. This may sound simple, but it is far from easy….

Adult ADHD | Guest Blog | Women & ADD/ADHD

Another Disastrous Day Syndrome

By Candace Taylor, B.Sc. B.Ed. ACG

How many CEO’s, (okay let’s just say men) could do what they do if they also had to do what we do?
Answer: None. But if WE are the CEO, it doesn’t keep us from killing ourselves trying to do it all ourselves, and all by ourselves.