New ADHD Test? Approach With Skepticism.

Solar System, Moon, ADHD, ADDScience is about facts. Right? The scientific facts confirm what’s actually true.


But as any criminal lawyer or parent of teens will tell you, facts are tricky things.

For example, in space there is no gravity… right? Which is why astronauts can float. But then if there is no gravity in space, what holds the moon in orbit? And what keeps the astronauts circling the earth?

If you’ve ever danced with a partner, you know how much effort it takes to swing someone around you. And in fact, the moon doesn’t circle the earth. The moon and the earth swing each other around. The earth being so much bigger and heavier, it moves in a smaller circle.

Picture John Goodman dancing with Justin Bieber, swinging him around.

The Beeb would be whipping around in circles, like a child on a merry-go-round, but big John Goodman would be leaning back himself, and circling. But in smaller circles.

If they were closer in size and weight, the effect would be more obvious, like two figure skaters… okay… what was I talking about?

Boy, did that get off on a tangent. Rather than risk getting lost again, I’ll get straight to my point.

There have been a couple of announcements in the past while about reliable ‘tests’ for ADHD.

One involves measuring the ratio of different kinds of brain waves. (The theory is based on measurements that show ADHD folks are more often in a Theta Wave state. Or was it Beta? Or VHS? Anyway, whatever the waves are that the brain puts out as you’re nodding off, well, we do that more often.)

The other test suggests that ADHD can be detected by measuring involuntary eye-movements.

Having recently done a webinar with Nick Lum, co-creator of BeeLine Reader, a tool to help people read faster, or even simply be able to read, the idea of eye movements resonates with me.

But as our good friend Gina Pera (author of Is It You, Me, or Adult ADHD?) points out, the announcement seems a bit premature, being based on a small sample size. As she points out the announcement ‘reads like a press release.’

Since Gina knows more about ADHD science than most of the doctors I’ve met, I’m going to trust her advice and, ‘approach with skepticism.’ And with fingers crossed that they’ve found something that can be measured. Scientifically. Repeatedly. And reliably.

Now I’m trying to get that image out of my head of John Goodman dancing with The Beeb! While I’m doing that… Here’s one of my rants about a new ADHD test.

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