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Dr. Umesh Jain is now exclusively responsible for TotallyADD.com and its content
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Rick Green’s Bio

Rick Green


A graduate of the University of Waterloo with a BSc. in Physics Rick was named one of the universities ‘Top 50 science alumni.’

Rick began his career as a teacher at the Ontario Science Centre, developing programs, demonstrations, exhibits, and theatrical programs for the public and school groups. In 1979 to become a full-time comedian. He has written and performed in over 700 television and radio programs.

While a member of the ground-breaking troupe, The Frantics, Rick was also writing for other comedians and television programs. In 1989 he co-created the cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy series Prisoners of Gravity, which he wrote and hosted for five seasons. At the same time he co-created, co-wrote, and co-starred in The Red Green Show, which ran 15 seasons on PBS and various Canadian networks. Rick also directed several seasons, and co-wrote and illustrated two books for the show.

In 1998 Rick created History Bites, a ground-breaking educational series that imagined, ‘What if television had been around throughout history?”  As well as hosting and writing, he was the shows producer and director. Over the course of 5 seasons and six ‘specials’ Rick won awards and kudos from audience and educators. In 2004 historical experts from the Royal Ontario Museum joined Rick for a series screenings of popular episodes, followed by a lively discussion that expanded upon the historical events.

Rick has a long theatrical history having written and performed in numerous stage productions including To Breed or Not To Breed, and Suits.

Education has been an ongoing theme in Rick’s work and he taught courses and workshops on creativity, writing, physical comedy, and the power of story.

In 2009 Rick and his wife Ava produced a groundbreaking documentary on ADHD in adults, ADD & Loving It?!

Blending wit and the wisdom of 9 ADHD specialists, to tell the story of fellow comedian Patrick McKenna, and his wife Janis, as he was diagnosed in adulthood with ADHD. Seen across North America on PBS and Global Television, the program did more to de-stigmatize and educate people about ADHD than any other initiative.

ADD & Loving It?! quickly earned critical acclaim, a New York Festivals award for Best Medical Documentary, and kudos from experts, doctors, and adults with ADHD.  The Centre For Addiction & Mental Health Foundation gave Rick their Celebrity Transforming Lives Award, “In one hour this program will transform how we view this disorder.”

As tens of thousands of adults suddenly recognized their own life stories, and the reason for their life-long struggles, they were desperate to learn more. Knowing resources were scarce Rick and Ava launched the hugely popular website TotallyADD.com.

The demand for more information, and tools and strategies to deal with this mindset, inspired a PBS sequel, ADD & Mastering It!, in which Patrick, Rick, and a score of experts reveal tools and strategies to survive and thrive.

Today, the website offers screener tests, tools, and blogs, plus 90 free videos featuring over 70 specialists, authors and coaches.

“I’ve been misdiagnosed for over almost 30 years. This explains my life the way nothing else has. I started reading, going to support groups and diving into this new journey… I feel like I have a whole new lease on life!”

Small wonder that TotallyADD is the fastest growing resource for adults with ADHD. A unique blend of humor, humanity, and solid scientific information is why doctors and therapists send their patients to the site to be inspired and educated.

Every week grateful visitors thank Rick and Ava for saving their marriages, their jobs, their businesses, and even their lives.

“I’ve suffered for years. My 2nd wife has just asked me for a divorce.  I’ve got a huge debt load. I lost my job. And I’ve been praying for death. You’ve given me hope.”

Visitors find free videos, tools, blogs, and public Forums on every aspect of ADHD, and 18 full-length programs to purchase on Organizing, Relationships, Careers, School, Anger & Emotions, and Holistic Strategies.

Along the way Rick co-authored the best-selling book, ADD Stole My Car Keys, wrote 80 blogs (and counting) and hosted 65 webinars with experts from across the continent. He has been a frequent guest on ADHD podcasts, and a keynote speaker at conferences from coast to coast.

In 2015 Rick’s work in advocating for people with ADHD earned him an appointment to the prestigious Order of Ontario.

Since producing ADD & Loving It?! Rick, Ava, Patrick and Janis have given scores of talks to the general public, colleges, business organizations, companies, unions, school groups, doctors, health care professionals, and families.

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