One Reply to “Do ADD Adults Have Low Self-Esteem?”

  1. Self esteem is:

    This isn’t directed at anyone, it’s pretty much how I feel all the time, Holidays are just much worse.

    I stress out at Holidays. I feel like a display statue, usually attached to a wall, and seemly unheard and surrounded by boundaries, that I can’t see that are just waiting to move in my direction, or I past them, in which case I will be judged, criticized, patronized, or ignored, as if I don’t understand, or have an equal stake in what is happening. Especially, when I am not able to express myself well to others. Or that if I don’t have an expressed opinion, all options are automatically equal.

    Asking me “what do you want to do?” often registers, to me, like this.

    Cartoon circle speech bubble:
    “I don’t feel it’s ever mattered before, and since it’s never mattered (changed or influenced others) before, why should it matter now, or for that matter, even to me”.

    Another way of saying it is that if I am not directing myself, the only option is that someone must need to direct me.
    It’s not either or. It’s not egg shells, it’s that “I” have an existence of my own, outside of family, or Camp, or whatever, that no one seems to understand, acknowledge or have an interest in, or share in. Somehow, that needs to be drawn out to others. I haven’t been able to do that on my own.

    Being by myself, is sometimes more preferable than being forced to be someone else, or invisible, even to myself.

    Maybe that’s ADHD, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s both and all together.

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