8 Replies to “ADHD and Holiday Shopping – Video”

  1. After long weeks of working in a very monotonous, very low-stimulation job, I steeled myself for a quick visit to the Eaton Centre on a Saturday afternoon in December, because I wanted to buy a certain pair of rhinestoned shoes I’d seen in the window of a shoe store there.

    The store was an absolute madhouse: crowded, chaotic, noisy, overstimulating…

    But, as I waited in line at the checkout, I suddenly became aware that, for the first time in weeks, I felt alive! And it felt wonderful!

    Of course, if I’d been one of the salespeople, having to work an 8-hour day in that environment, it would be a very different matter.

  2. I have over the years learned that if I move Christmas to my wifes birthday, Dec 10th I can complete my holiday shopping before the panic sets in. Though my wife sometimes suffers from the last minute birthday surprise gift.

  3. We don’t have closed captioning. We would love to. But being independent of Pharma sponsors means we do things slowly.

    We would welcome someone doing this. But we can’t afford it at the moment.

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