Marijuana Myths

By adulthood everyone has found tools to cope and manage their ADHD, whether it has been diagnosed or not. Some self-medicate with addictions to work, sex, dangerous activities, high risk sports. But many also end up using illicit drugs. As Doctor Sam Chang explains, the number on choice for ADHD folks is Cannabis. And though marijuana has always been surrounded by myths, in fact, the more ‘enlightened and informed’ of us are simply accepting a whole new set of myths.

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Up Early. One Sure Way to Increase Productivity.

For some reason I woke up early yesterday and didn’t do that thing I do so well to start my day—rolling over and falling back asleep for another two hours. Instead I found myself up and making breakfast long before anyone else had stirred. To be fair we were at a cottage and part of the pleasure of being up north is sleeping in.
But as I discovered…

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ADHD and PMS: Good Luck!

Your ability to pay attention, problem solve, plan, and regulate your emotion is managed in part by certain chemicals in your brain. One of these important chemicals is Dopamine. Studies suggest that an ADHD brain does not release or reload dopamine effectively, which leads to problems with all of those executive function activities listed above that we need to use on a daily basis.