I Wish I’d Never Found Out

By Rick Green

Have you ever browsed through our Forums?

Hundreds of the stories about how the ADHD diagnosis has changed people’s lives. For better and worse. A ton of stuff comes up for people.

Our video, Now You Tell Me, is a survival guide for the tornado of anger, regret, relief, and hope that so many of us face after getting the ‘good news.’ I remember reeling, like a drunk in a Carnival Fun House, trying to make sense of everything…

Should I tell my employer about adhd

Disclosure: Should I Keep My ADHD a Secret?

By Rick Green,

People with ADHD are different. Not just from the 96% of the population who are ‘neuro-typical’ but from each other. We are indeed a diverse tribe.

Each of us faces a distinct combo of challenges. We each have our individual buffet of symptoms. Explosive Anger is was never an issue. Rumination, on the other hand…

Some traits may be more. Some less of a problem. Or not there at all.

Married to ADHD? (My ADHD Spouse)

Perhaps it’s Valentine’s Day.
And the warm feelings that it engenders, that deep desire, the overwhelming passion… for chocolate.
Oh, and yes, my wife.
She loves chocolate even more than me.
But I have been thinking about marriages, relationships, and ADHD.
A while back Ava and I presented a workshop in Seattle. It was called, “You, Me, and We With ADHD.” A play on Gina Pera’s brilliant book title, ‘Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?’
The workshop was interesting…

7 Reasons I Couldn’t Possibly Have ADHD

You’ve always known you were different. Even in childhood. Ah, but why? Why does life seem so challenging? Maybe you’re just a dreamer, or restless, or impulsive? Maybe you’re creative or sensitive? What about the possibility of ADD/ADHD? Dare we mention that an estimated 5 out of 6 adults who qualify as ADD/ADHD have not been diagnosed? Deep down, they may suspect, “I might have a touch of that”, because they are struggling with one or more of Attention, Focus, Organizing, Prioritizing, Restlessness, Emotionality, Sensitivity, Distractibility, Procrastination, and Impulsivity…