Procrastination for the Nation

Although I have a University degree in Physics, which I put to good use whenever the Science & Nature category comes up on a game of Trivial Pursuit, the fact is I actually have a Master’s Degree and a lifetime of personal experience in the field of Procrastination. You should see me in my graduation photo… which I’ll get done someday….

Chatting at CHADD With Some Amazing People

We are back home after a week in San Francisco. 4 days were spent at the CHADD conference speaking with some legendary figures and conducting 19, count them, 19 interviews. We hired a great local crew and taped some powerful stuff. At some points, our hotel suite was almost like the waiting room of a doctor’s office, only it was full of doctors, waiting to be interviewed…


We’re off to see the Wizard. Actually the Wizards. The Wizards of ADHD.
Russell Barkley, Ned Hallowell, Rosemary Tannock and dozens more.
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who have or deal with ADHD are coming together this week…

Success & Focus/Strengths & Weaknesses

Last week we drove to Boston to do a show at the PBS station WGBH. They’re going to be running our new documentary, ADD & Mastering It!. A big coup for us!   After that we were off to Albany and the PBS station WMHT. In between, Jimi and I paid a visit to ADHD legend Dr. Edward ’Ned’ Hallowell.   We talked and talked and talked…

Coaches, Mentors and Partners

ADHD and ADD present so many different challenges to adults. Sticking to it. Avoiding procrastination. Generating motivation. Stay on track. Creating achievable goals. (Rather than pie-in-the-sky dreams.) This week I’m travelling. Our editor/jack-of-all-trades, Jimi, are on a four day road trip to PBS stations