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Can you Lend me Some of your ADHD Medication?

Can we talk about substance abuse?

Specifically abusing ADHD medication.

I’ve never actually had anyone ask me to lend them some of my medication. (How do you lend someone medication? Don’t you mean give? Cause I can’t see a pill being a ‘loaner’ that I’d want back afterwards.) But when my son was at university, taking an incredibly challenging course called Physics-Engineering, fellow students, non-ADHD students, approached him about getting a leg up with one of his magic pills.

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In my previous Blog I noted, somewhat awkwardly, that knowing I have a place for my car keys doesn’t mean they’re always there. Or, when life gets nuts, even mostly there. For example, ahem, I’ve had to borrow Ava’s key for the past two weeks. Not the end of the world. And yet, as I noted in the previous blog, it can fee like it. ADHD can be such a pain. Knowing what’s going on doesn’t automatically prevent me from making the same mistakes over and over again. And again.