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Adult ADHD and Anger – I’m Frustrated and Overwhelmed

When I was first diagnosed with ADHD, I wanted help with time management, organizing, clutter, scheduling, and so on.  The ‘logistics of life.’

Mastering these ADHD challenges is an ongoing project. Always improving.  Never perfect.   My success requires an arsenal of mutually supporting tools.   However when one strategy stopped working well for me, I would ‘try harder.’  And we know how that works.

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It’s Not Bipolar. I’m Just Excited!

Don’t you love when someone explains a complicated idea in a way that makes it instantly clear? That sudden, “Aha! I get it.” It instantly makes sense.

This morning a friend of ours had to escort her mom to see a new therapist. Mom is struggling with anxiety. And she was upset. Our friend was confused, “I would have thought she’d be happy and excited. New hope.” But my wife, Ava, pointed out, “When someone is struggling with anxiety, any kind of change is stressful. Uncertainty feeds the anxiety.”

The friend got it, instantly, “Ah… Of course.”…

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A Different Kind Of New Year’s Resolution

At this point, we’re well into the New Year. This year seems to be as turbulent as any other year. And I assume with all that’s going on – in politics, the weather, celebrity scandals, and your family – one can be forgiven for letting one’s New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside. If you haven’t forgiven yourself, please do so now.

Studies have shown that very few of us stick to our resolutions…

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Emotional SENSITIVITY – A Small Trigger Sets Off a Huge Explosion

Before I understood my ADHD, when I’d make small mistakes and they were pointed out, I’d often brush them off, miffed, ‘Whatever! You get the point.’ I felt like, ‘I’ve created the Mona Lisa for God’s sake, who cares if the frame has a chip in it!? Nitpickers! Critics! Complainers!’ By the way being ‘overly sensitive’ and ‘prone to drama’ are very common for many of us.