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Mindfulness: Overcoming Procrastination Using the Power of Your Mind

Does this ever happen to you? You have a task to do, but you don’t do it. Of course it has! Now, a tougher question; have you ever chosen a task that you really want to do, that you’re committed to complete because the results are desirable and one where you feel relatively confident you can accomplish, and yet still you can’t get started? When you think…

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I’m Overwhelmed, But Game To Play

Even now, a decade and a half after learning what was up with me, my ADHD can be a challenge. Daily. Sometimes hourly. It never stops completely. It’s never ‘cured.’

Is it the same for you? Simply reading that statement might have sucked a bit more energy out of you. It can be disheartening. Because we really are trying so hard.

One of the ways I’ve overcome the challenges of managing time, stuff, ideas, and work has been to turn the onerous tasks into a challenge. With a time limit. A goal. Testing myself.

In other words… I make it into a game…

My ADHD is a ‘Holistic’ Disorder

By Rick Green,

She shook my hand, “Thank you, so much. Your talk was so informative. Our son has ADHD, and I am pretty sure my husband might. But he refuses to get tested. Or even discuss it”

I nodded, and admitted that, “Guys can be kind of reluctant about admitting that there may be a problem. We think it means we’re damaged. Or defective.” After many seasons writing and performing on The Red Green Show, I felt like I knew a bit about how guys think. Oh, and being a guy helped as well.

I added, “In fact, I only realized what was going on when my son was diagnosed. Since then I’ve learned ADHD is about as heritable as height.”

I’d just finished a presentation at the Tourette Syndrome Foundation Canada conference. Several participants took turns asking questions as I packed up my computer…