Dr Edward Hallowell ADHD Expert

10 Tips to Achieving Focus in Today’s Busy Workplace

1. Do The Impossible. People focus most intently when they take on a challenge, when they are working in an area where they are skilled, but where they are also stretched. Often, amazingly enough, what seemed impossible becomes possible. 2. Trust Your Way. Perhaps the single most clichéd song lyric ever…

Back to School with ADHD

He’s failing two classes again. The teacher keeps telling me he isn’t handing in his homework. I go through his bag and there are blank worksheets. He thinks they might be work he didn’t finish in class, but he says he doesn’t remember. I have no way of knowing. There’s a missing piece of communication somewhere. Who am I supposed to ask?…

Rick Green ADHD Expert

What is the Perfect Career For Me & My ADHD? Part 2

In our video, The Perfect Career For ADHD, the experts agree that it has to be something you are interested in. But not necessarily good at. At least so far.

Nobody starts out good at anything. Remember learning to walk? Or to play piano? Or flirting with the opposite sex? Practice, practice, practice.