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Upcoming Live Chats

April 6th – Social Distancing Got You Down? Group Chat with Rick Green
April 14th – ADHD & O.C.D. with Dr. Roberto Olivardia
April 27th – ADHD & Finances with Rick Webster from Rena-fi
May 12th – ADHD & Hormones with Linda Roggli

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Hey, TotallyADD Patrons! 
Social Distancing got you down?

Need to talk, rant, share, dish, or just connect? 

These are challenging times and being isolated makes it worse. I know a big benefit of being a patron is the amazing community of peers who ‘get it.’  

So, let’s get together online and catch up with each other. 
I have scheduled a couple of bonus Live Chats where we can stay connected: 

Monday, April 6th, at 8 pm Eastern,  5 pm Pacific

It’s always great to check in, hear familiar voices, see friendly faces, and hear from fellow patrons around the world.
How are you doing?  What are you challenges?  What are your fears?  How are you managing? 
If you want to share a poem, song, or story, by all means do!  
P.S. Usually our Live Chats run 55 minutes, but on these chats we can go longer.


Roberto Olivardia ADHD
Roberto Date and Time

ADHD & Finances
with Rick Webster from Rena-fi

Monday, April 27
8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific

Did you know that people with ADHD earn an average of 25% less income over the course of a lifetime?  Then there’s the “ADHD tax!”… we pay dramatically more late fees, penalties, and traffic tickets than neuro-typicals. 

Many of us struggle to climb the career ladder.  But this isn’t just a work thing.

Financial stress impacts our relationships, our happiness and our health.  Did you know that financial stress shortens life expectancy by 10 – 12 years?  Some say it’s the number one health threat in the United States.  

Even before the Corona virus, 15% of the population were living with severe financial stress.  Russell Barkley puts that number at 61% of the ADHD population.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Rick Webster from Reni-fi believes you can live the life you want to live by putting financial stress in the rear view mirror.

This is a topic so many Patrons have been requesting.  I think it’s especially timely.  Hope to see you there.

Linda Roggli Hormones
Hormones live talk
About Linda Roggli

2 Replies to “Live Chats With TotallyADD’s Rick Green”

  1. Hello Rick, Ava, and David and all,
    I know we have a lot of knowledge on our calls already, since so many of us have many years of reading, listening, and figuring things out as we go. Plus, you know, therapy. Or coaching. But I wonder, with the more advanced topics, do you think it would be helpful to have experts on the calls with us? For example, the January 27 call seems like it may well be helpful to have one of your favorites, such as Dr. Jain, or someone else?
    Just a thought that I thought I’d share. Thanks. And I’m really glad you all are there.
    ~ Rita

  2. Yes, Rita! Having experts on the calls is our next step. It’s a matter of lining up the dates well in advance because of course most of the doctors are clinicians and have patients they’re seeing. So coming onto our Live Chat is extra hours. (Non-billable ones, LOL)

    I think we need to settle on topics and schedule the next dozen Live Chats and then see if we can line up experts. The more lead time, the better the chances.

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