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ADHD Expert Rick Green


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Monday, February 10th

1:00 pm Eastern – 10:00 am Pacific

ADHD Experts Rick Green and Jeff Copper

Join Rick Green for a powerful conversation about Procrastination with special guest Jeff Copper of Attention Talk Radio!

You don’t need to have ADHD to become a chronic procrastinator who struggles hard to finish things.

But it sure seems to help!

Are folks with ADHD more prone to procrastinating? 

If so, why? 

Coach & podcaster Jeff Copper explores the tangled roots of Procrastination and shares strategies that work.

Emotions and ADHD!

Tuesday, February 25th
8:00 pm Eastern – 5:00 pm Pacific

Dr David Teplin ADHD Expert

Ever been called Too Sensitive?  Or Overreacting? Always jumping to the worst possible conclusion?

Many folks with ADHD are accused of being… 

Touchy    Moody    Quick tempered     Fragile

Thin Skinned      A Drama Queen or King)

Volatile    Easily upset    Hypersensitive   

Rick Green will talk about over-reacting, emotional sensitivity, sudden despair, and explosive outbursts with Dr. David Teplin.

2 Replies to “Live Chats With TotallyADD’s Rick Green”

  1. Hello Rick, Ava, and David and all,
    I know we have a lot of knowledge on our calls already, since so many of us have many years of reading, listening, and figuring things out as we go. Plus, you know, therapy. Or coaching. But I wonder, with the more advanced topics, do you think it would be helpful to have experts on the calls with us? For example, the January 27 call seems like it may well be helpful to have one of your favorites, such as Dr. Jain, or someone else?
    Just a thought that I thought I’d share. Thanks. And I’m really glad you all are there.
    ~ Rita

  2. Yes, Rita! Having experts on the calls is our next step. It’s a matter of lining up the dates well in advance because of course most of the doctors are clinicians and have patients they’re seeing. So coming onto our Live Chat is extra hours. (Non-billable ones, LOL)

    I think we need to settle on topics and schedule the next dozen Live Chats and then see if we can line up experts. The more lead time, the better the chances.

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