March of the ADHD Penguins

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ADHD, comedy, penguins and a restless mindset that keeps switching focus. All in 3 minutes! It’s the latest video from where you’ll find Attention Deficit Disorder videos and so much more!

There is a mysterious ritual that dates back thousands of years, no living creature has survived it, except the emperor penguin. Every year they embark on an incredible journey, but not The Incredible Journey, the 1963 movie, about two dogs and a cat, which I was not in, as I didn’t make my movie debut until 1964, in a very small part in The Pawnbroker, which was nominated for an oscar and deservedly so.

It’s sure rocky in Antarctica. A lot of people mispronounce it Antartica and miss the first C, AntarCtica. James Earl Jones has a stammer. No this is the true story of the penguin’s journey to find a mate. They march for twenty days and twenty nights, which is one day less than the 21 days it takes to build a new habit, which I learned from my ADHD doctor, so if you do something every day for 21 days it becomes a habit, whereas the emperor penguins have been making this journey for tens of thousands of years.

They march to a place so extreme it supports no other life. Almost like the moon or outer space. I met the first black astronaut. A fine young man. Here, at the bottom of the world love finds a way. It’s called the bottom of the world because early map makers lived in the northern hemisphere, and what they learned of the southern hemisphere was added on later, as well, most of the land is in the northern hemisphere, although, ironically perhaps, there is no land at the north pole, just ice, which I learned in that BBC program about Polar Bears, I love British television, especially that documentary on the Royal Palaces, with the arial shots of the British countryside, which I love, because I actually have my pilot’s license.

A lot of people don’t know that, but I fell in love with flying back in the late 1950’s when I was a mechanic in the Air Force, which is ironic because penguins don’t fly. I wore an army uniform too, but that was in the Civil War movie, Glory. The food on that movie was really good. You know what would be really cool? An underwater Buddha. Just sitting there.

10 Replies to “March of the ADHD Penguins”

  1. Ok this is the funniest thing I’ve watched in ages! I’m totally ROFL. Especially loved it since one of my long time bucket list items is going to AntarCtica and I’m a penguin freak!
    Thanks for a great laugh this morning!

  2. The stream of conversation over this video sounds like some of my conversations — one thing leads to another until I’m so far off base I can’t remember why I brought it up! No wonder my children didn’t want to talk to me much! Incidentally, none of the penguins in this video are Emperor – they’re for the most part Chinstrap penguins. Too much detail? Thanks for the smile.

  3. This is SO good. I can’t believe I haven’t watched it before now! It’s just like one of my conversations and even one of my lectures. Poor students. But on saying that, all the side stepping kept my attention. I can remember more of this video than any focussed single-subject video (I mean in general – all the TADD vids are memorable of course!).

    So, if we have to learn something and are given built in deviations thereby limiting our own mental deviations, maybe that would make for a more effective learning experience because the built in deviation has a finite time limit and then we are brought back to the topic. If my mind wanders, there is no time limit and when I do get back to the topic it has moved on. There must be a potential educational study here?

  4. Even tho I laughed a lot and could totally relate….
    I feel this urge to find a ‘stream of consciousness’ support group.
    I’ll still hang out here because there probably ‘isn’t a soc support group….hmmm..I could start one….ummm….could I use this penguin ‘et al’ video ?
    ….think I’ll call my group…’Totally SOC’…….for those of you who havn’t been paying attention SOC stands for ‘Stream of Consciousness’ which sounds kinda ‘classy’ don’t ya think

  5. I put my high school students through this, and have lost several teaching positions, having been just recently diagnosed. Despite seemingly hopeless unemployment (former principals are probably not giving good letters of rec) I busted a gut watching this.

    It was totally my classroom lecture style w/o Ritalin.

    Gotta laugh or cry. Today I’m laughing my guts out.

  6. This was wonderful! My lecturing style too. Powerpoint was such a lifesaver; I’d remember what I was planning to say next! “And on this slide, there is – something about penguins, oh yeah, I was going to talk about penguins …”

  7. I don’t see the humor in this. Making fun of someone with ADHD is like tripping a person walking with a crutch. I know because I used to have a crutch. It wasn’t really mine but my best friend Brian and I found it one day. Brian and I used to do the craziest things together. One time we stole a bicycle… no, now that I think about it, it wasn’t Brian, it was Jeff and… hold on, I just got a text which reminds me, I’ve been having such problems with my phone. Do you ever get a call and your phone… wait phone, I forgot to call… anyway, like I was saying, that was a very funny… what were we talking about again?

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