‘Mindful Meditating’? You’re joking… Right?!

‘Mindful Meditating’? You’re joking… Right?!

By Rick Green,

Empty my head?  Let go of thoughts?

Be calm and present?  In the here and now?

Mindful of this moment and every moment?

Does he not understand I have ADHD?

He should.

After all, he is my ADHD specialist.  He has been for over a decade…


Last year my ADHD doctor, Dr. John Fleming, told us he was hosting an 8 week session on ‘Mindfulness’.

My first thought, “I’ll need to do a lot more work on my focus and distractibility before I’m ready to even consider something like mindful meditation.”

My second thought was, “I am hungry.”

My third thought was about getting the snow tires off the car.

Then I read an article about ‘mindfulness’.  And another.  Books were being published on mindfulness. They suggested mindfulness was a powerful tool for ADHD Adults.


We interviewed Dr. Lidia Zylowska .  Lidia was part of a team at UCLA using Mindfulness techniques with ADHD adults and they reported great results.  Scientifically measurable results.

Beyond the placebo effect.  (And don’t get me wrong, if the ‘placebo effect’ actually does have a measurable impact on people’s wellness, I’m all for it.)

Now most scientists are notoriously cautious about making claims.  Which is good.  So to have more and more voices saying, “This works.  It’s powerful stuff,” was pretty convincing.

Then, just as the year was winding down, and I was rebuilding my life after the Mayan Apocalypse, John sent us word that he was doing his mindfulness course again.


Suddenly ‘Mindfulness’ seemed like a great a way to start off the year.  If we are more attentive, more present, we will get more out of everything we do this year.

With Lidia’s book, The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD you get to explore this powerful, and surprisingly painless way of increasing your ability to focus, finish what you’re doing, ignore distractions and not be thrown completely off your game by interruptions.

Lidia also recorded a 1 Hour 44 Minute audio for TotallyADD.  Mindful Solutions For Adults With ADD/ADHD takes you through what mindfulness is, how to better understand your ADHD, and guides you through short mindfulness practices.


I would encourage you to check out Lidia’s book.  It includes a CD with over an hour of ‘Guided Exercises’.  Also, I highly recommend that you check out our Mindfulness Meditation package which is downloadable so that you can access it right now!



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