ADHD in the Workplace

A recent infographic on outlined some interesting shifts in the future labour market. Generation Y—“Millennials,” those born between 1976 and 2001—occupy centre stage in the work place and bring with them a completely different mindset then previous generations of workers

Up Early

For some reason I woke up early yesterday and didn’t do that thing I do so well to start my day—rolling over and falling back asleep for another two hours. Instead I found myself up and making breakfast long before anyone else had stirred. To be fair we were at a cottage and part of the pleasure of being up north is sleeping in.
But as I discovered…

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Symptoms of ADHD, Adult ADHD

I Got Rhythms… I Just Never Noticed

Had an interesting experience a few days back. My energy was up, I was workin’ away, and then my energy flagged a bit… and then went up a bit… and then (sound of slide whistle going down) THUD!
Suddenly, it’s like I’m 88 years old. Falling asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon, while reading. And what was I reading?…

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A Bike Wheel Is Like A Doughnut

Last week I blogged about the Bike Rally I did. And a member, ‘Sdwa’, commented that the story was inspiring, but then shared the challenges he/she has had getting in shape. One pilates class and he/she could barely walk for two days. That suggests a couple of things…

A Bicycle Built For Two…Hundred

So I’ve been blogging about how I, an ADHD adult, managed to train for a 368 mile/6 day bike rally in less than three months. Bearing in mind that I was out of shape, didn’t have a bike, hadn’t ridden in years, and the other 190 riders had been training for 6 weeks.

I pulled it off using the same strategies I’ve used to manage and even master my ADHD…