Pretending to be Normal

Do you pretend to be ‘normal’ during the day when other people are involved? Do you drop the disguise, with a sigh of relief to be your TotallyADD self in private? You just might be an ADHD double agent.

At an early age, most ADHD adults learn to wrap themselves in a ill-fitting blanket of ‘normal’. But they know the truth; they have an “Abby Normal” brain that doesn’t fit into polite society. They don a variety of masks to get through life’s linear experiences: the Perfectionist, the Rebel, the Space Cadet. But wearing a mask is exhausting, even for the best double agent.

Linda Roggli takes us into the underworld of our ADHD spy selves, and invites us to drop the masks, come out of our messy ADHD closets and let our Authentic Selves shine! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind webinar with the ADDiva, Linda Roggli!

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