Procrastination and Boredom

I need to do something but I think it’s boring. Notice I said “I think it’s boring” not that it is…

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10 Replies to “Procrastination and Boredom”

  1. perfect irony indeed! 🙂
    While I take your point about thinking something is boring is mostly the way I ‘think’ about it, I have to tell ya that the tax paper thing is still a struggle……..any ideas on how to reframe THAT?!

  2. Thanks Rick!
    Boredom is a BIGGIE which is the catalyst to Procrastination. After MANY years of not understanding the CONSEQUENCES of procrastination (doing way TOO much of it!), I now am reaping the ‘fruit or my labor’ (or LACK OF). : (
    Procrastination is the tip of a very large ice berg.
    Thanks for a lighthearted, look at an unpleasant subject!

  3. Rules to board games!!! AAARG! Totally agree! My favorite games are the ones whose instructions fit on a cardboard insert in the box.

    Well, OK, my *absolute* favorite games are the ones I always win…. 🙂

  4. Hey, Quizzical, the kids were over Friday evening and we decided to play Puerto Rico, a game we heard was one of the top three of all time.

    It took us 90 minutes to figure out the rules.The box said it takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to play one game. It was so late, we figured, “We’ll play in the morning.”

    Then I suggested we try playing for 5 minutes just to see how one round worked.We did, and it was easy. We actually understood what we’d learned. We played one more round… and one more… and yes, at 12:30 in the morning when the game ended we agreed that the box was correct in the time it takes to play one game.

  5. Boredom, I agree, and fear of failure. I sometimes think that I will make a bad situation worse if I even go near a project. I think this world needs more mentors. Someone to show others the ropes and encourage their progress. P.S. Rick that blazing inferno scene of your BBQ was quite frightening! Do you have any eyebrows left?

  6. @wiredonjava, I do indeed have eyebrows left. And since they were starting to turn grey, having them charred black makes me look younger!

    Yes, mentoring is such a powerful way to learn. I have sometimes suggested to young people who are thinking of getting a degree in television or film that they save their money and simply intern or volunteer at production companies, post production facilities, etc..

    For me, having a coach felt like a luxury and an expense, but it has turned out to be a lifesaver, making me more productive, helping me avoid endless grief and struggle, and stay focused on priorities, without losing the freedom to bounce from one thing to another as my energy and interest rises and falls.

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