Sh*t no one with ADD Says

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31 Replies to “Sh*t no one with ADD Says”

  1. I want to complement Jimi on an outstanding job. I worry that Jimi would be infected with the ADHD “virus” but it appears he knows the difference b/w what is and what isn’t.

    If the ADDers just followed this video and made each of these comments their mantra, they would have gone a long way to changing their world.

    Words to live by………..really great stuff.

  2. I am a 23 yr old female and i do not carry a purse. I have a lil camera case made for a small digital camera with a tiny mountain climbing hook on it and it hooks on to a medium sized mountain climbing hook along side all my keys. The camera case has tiny lil mesh elastic pouch on the inside against the flap he opens up that can hold my debit/credit/insurance card(s) and drivers liscence and the empty space where a camera belongs is just big enough to hold wadded up cash and a few trinkets. ALL of this hangs from that medium sized mountain clip which clips onto my side no matter where i go. The few times i opt to go without it (ie clubbing) if i cant give it to someone im with to hold for me i have my house and car key on their own seperate tiny mountain clip and they, come off of the medium one and get hooked inside whatever bangles are on my wrist. As for my debit card liscence and cash…they go in my bra and i have bank of america on saved in my phone so i can call at the end of the night to get a replacement lol. and lets just say ive never gotten anywhere NEAR thee expiration date on my drivers liscense lol.

  3. This is just brilliant. It’s SOOO not me but it’s who I aim to be. Haha.

    Dr. J – err….no problem with making these comments my mantra – the problem is following through with them!

  4. I laughed so hard at this I nearly keeled over! I am a clinical psychologist with a husband who is an ADDer, so this video has meaning on personal and professional levels for me…It’s Brilliant! I agree with Dr. J…If ADDers watching this video could use its lightheartedness in a constructive way and make many of these comments their mantra, they’d be doing themselves and their loved ones the biggest favor ever! This video is cognitive-behavioral-therapy-poetry-in-motion!

  5. Haha. I do that ‘phone wallet keys’ thing everytime, also. But only after I’ve walked out of the locked door. Can never remember to do it before…

    [Also, “I’m totally going to finish this project before starting a new one…” Hahahah… yeah! No one would believe me if I ever said that…]

  6. The homework thing. I did that. Okay I am going to start my homework now. Two hours later, okay, I am really going to do my homework. Should I start with the beginning or should I start at the end and work up to the beginning like a count down? 4 AM OMG the assignment is due at 9 Am. Why didn’t I start when I got my homework? Although 4 AM essays/papers were A to B worthy. Week long thought of papers/essay were C or D. Huh. What does that tell you about me?

    1. Yeah, I’ve got like 30 tabs and 3 windows open right now with articles I need to read to finish my report on Raman spectroscopy that’s a week late, and I’m watching this video. It’s funny as hell, though. :- P

  7. I agree Dr J – goals and strategies to get there are essential. I had to go back to see what I’d written – that’s the great thing about working/short term memory problems, I forget what rubbish I write…..but the web is stuck with it forever! 🙂

  8. And glasses. Phone, wallet, keys, glasses. Sad part is once I lose track, I can’t see well enough to find them. I have to play everyone’s favourite game show: Let’s Find Mummy’s Glasses!

  9. This video so friggin good!! Im just amazed you could think of all the different situations! I can’t believe how good it feels to hear others describing this stuff in their life and realizing WOW….. somebody else really does struggle with these things as badly as I do. It’s liberating in a way. I remember when I saw the show on TV and couldn’t stop watching, and literally had tears in my eyes… A d I’m 53 yrs old!

  10. Excellent! All of it is so true. There is a scene I would add to it though.

    You enter a bank lobby and see a long line of people waiting. You say: ” Nice! I love lines! I’ll just stand here at the back of the line, waiting patiently, relaxing and enjoying my time.”

  11. New to this site and this video made me laugh so hard!
    Thought I would share…
    TOP PLACES I have lost my keys and was also late for work as a consequence.

    1. In the snow – didn’t find them until the spring thaw.

    2. In the snow again – a friend was smart enough to go outside with a broom where I had been. Turned out aliens did not take them.

    3. Down the elevator shaft – only maintenance staff could retrieve them.
    The bright yellow cord I had tied to them so I could hold on to them did not help since it was not around my neck. But it make them easier to find for the maintenance staff.

    4. In my car – which was stolen because they were in my car. So in that case both car and keys were lost. But I did get a new car out of that one! I had kept up on insurance! Whew!

    5. On the hook by my front door but that’s the last place I would look for them.

    If you have ADD then you know these are not made up excuses! But actual events that really happen.
    I’m not sure I should mention the top places my glasses have been lost.

  12. Great video! Laughed until I woke my husband up. Beyond relieved to hear that my daughter isn’t the only child on the planet trained to find moms glasses! And add keys lost: in checkout line at store: stuffed between books on library shelf: in the ignition of my BROTHERs Jeep, not my Jeep!

  13. LOL! but, sooo very scary ‘real’! This ought to be part of a diagnostic test. [Truth is MOST of the next 100 people you’d go ‘test’ would say this is ALL the result ‘personality (disorder) flaws’ or ‘poor character’, poor parenting, and lack of personal discipline! Well, at least we know otherwise. … “…now JUST 10 more minutes watching cute cat videos on You Tube, and I’ll do that ’14 tax return… I know, I know… it’s almost August, but… they are soooo cute! Did I do 2013, yet? awww?”

  14. The videos on here crack me up. You know, I get pretty stoked when I start getting ready an hour and a half early and think I’m actually going to get to class early. Maybe even get some extra work done. Never happens the way I envision it…

    Good to know I’m not the only one :- )

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