The Adult Symptoms – Video

The Adult Symptoms – Video

By adulthood, ADHD can include forgetfulness, financial problems, addiction, anger issues, overeating, interrupting, divorce, time management, and completing projects or meeting deadlines.

Partial Transcript

RICK GREEN:  Okay, so we’re hearing from everybody that self-diagnosis is dangerous and we don’t want to just give people at home a list of the symptoms to look for.


RICK GREEN:  Or do we?  All right, let’s go.  So these are the red flags for adult ADD.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Red flags for adults.

RICK GREEN:  A lifelong history of difficulty with attention.


JANICE MCKENNA:  And what’s extremely interesting about that is that anyone who knows us, our family and friends and everything else, Patrick has never been on time for a social occasion in our lives.


JANICE MCKENNA:  And so… but he can pull it together for work, which is one of these things.

PAT MCKENNA:  See, her family has to pay me, I think, and then I’m there.

JANICE MCKENNA:  Yes, he’ll show up.

PAT MCKENNA:  I’m so there.

Rick Green: The adult may be successful but shows impairment when compared to their potential.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Yeah, I think there’s definitely that, when people experience the fact that you could be doing more, you should be doing more.

RICK GREEN:  Yeah.  An adult who is using coping strategies to compensate for their weaknesses but still experiencing problems with their career and work relations or becoming a work alcoholics.  All those who are work alcoholics raise your hands?

RICK GREEN:  Yeah.  The adult who is expending more energy than others to do the same amount of work.  In some areas that’s true, but in other things I’m faster than a lot of people.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  But it certainly would be a flag, though, if someone says I’m going to go out and mow the lawn, but first I just have to go to Canadian Tire and pick up some gas and then I got to stop here and do that I think.  Yeah.

It’s like Leonardo Da Vinci, what, five years to paint the Sistine Chapel.


PATRICK MCKENNA:  It could have been done in a weekend.



RICK GREEN:  With a roller.  They must have had rollers.


RICK GREEN:  Organizational skill problems, time management difficulties, missed appointments.  Well, less and less.

Frequently late, unfinished projects.  Oh, basement is full.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Oh, yes.  Take a look at your desk.  Take a look at your basement and that will give you an idea.

RICK GREEN:  If I had a garage I could fill that with more too.  Anger control problems.


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