The Adult Symptoms of ADHD

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By adulthood, ADHD can include forgetfulness, financial problems, addiction, anger issues, overeating, interrupting, divorce, time management, and completing projects or meeting deadlines.

Partial Transcript

RICK GREEN:  Okay, so we’re hearing from everybody that self-diagnosis is dangerous and we don’t want to just give people at home a list of the symptoms to look for.


RICK GREEN:  Or do we?  All right, let’s go.  So these are the red flags for adult ADD.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Red flags for adults.

RICK GREEN:  A lifelong history of difficulty with attention.


JANICE MCKENNA:  And what’s extremely interesting about that is that anyone who knows us, our family and friends and everything else, Patrick has never been on time for a social occasion in our lives.


JANICE MCKENNA:  And so… but he can pull it together for work, which is one of these things.

PAT MCKENNA:  See, her family has to pay me, I think, and then I’m there.

JANICE MCKENNA:  Yes, he’ll show up.

PAT MCKENNA:  I’m so there.

Rick Green: The adult may be successful but shows impairment when compared to their potential.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Yeah, I think there’s definitely that, when people experience the fact that you could be doing more, you should be doing more.

RICK GREEN:  Yeah.  An adult who is using coping strategies to compensate for their weaknesses but still experiencing problems with their career and work relations or becoming a work alcoholics.  All those who are work alcoholics raise your hands?

RICK GREEN:  Yeah.  The adult who is expending more energy than others to do the same amount of work.  In some areas that’s true, but in other things I’m faster than a lot of people.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  But it certainly would be a flag, though, if someone says I’m going to go out and mow the lawn, but first I just have to go to Canadian Tire and pick up some gas and then I got to stop here and do that I think.  Yeah.

It’s like Leonardo Da Vinci, what, five years to paint the Sistine Chapel.


PATRICK MCKENNA:  It could have been done in a weekend.



RICK GREEN:  With a roller.  They must have had rollers.


RICK GREEN:  Organizational skill problems, time management difficulties, missed appointments.  Well, less and less.

Frequently late, unfinished projects.  Oh, basement is full.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  Oh, yes.  Take a look at your desk.  Take a look at your basement and that will give you an idea.

RICK GREEN:  If I had a garage I could fill that with more too.  Anger control problems.


6 Replies to “The Adult Symptoms of ADHD”

    1. Ha ha ha! Good catch. Clearly being on a school bus didn’t make us any smarter!

      That was a fun afternoon. We drove all around various backroads, the crew all sitting in the seats ahead of us, and we just went on and on.

      At some point we should just post the whole thing.

  1. Ok. I’m seeing myself in all of this. I’ve struggled for a long time with this. I’m currently in the 7th year of working on my dissertation and need help. I’m using sugar to cope and it does not help – yet I keep using it. How do I find a medical professional to help with this?

  2. I’m a 47 year old male, and I am currently being diagnosed for ADHD after watching some Youtube videos and stumbling across Rick’s channel/website. I exude many if not most of these symptoms (Though I’ve never experienced an addiction to anything other than television, and caffeine).

    Here’s hoping that what I’ve always considered ‘personality flaws’, are simply just treatable symptoms of a condition I never knew I had.

    “I’m not trying to become perfect… but if I ever DO become perfect… Am I ever gonna tell God what I think I am!” – Frantics

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