What are the Biggest Myths about ADHD Medication?

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Why is it that ADHD is still so controversial? Despite 4,000 scientific studies and millions of people succeeding through a holistic approach to ‘treatment’, the mythology and outright lies that taint the public’s perception of this issue is frightening. It’s getting better, but there is much ground to take.

Some respected newspapers have published garbage and lies. In Seattle someone sponsors billboards that dismiss this disorder as junk. Our goal is to help you sort through what is known for sure, and scientifically proven, what is not known for certain but seems likely based on what people with ADHD/ADD are saying, and what is discredited or even dangerous.



3 Replies to “What are the Biggest Myths about ADHD Medication?”

  1. i bought into all that bullsh*t when my kids were diagnosed. i really really really regret not medicating my middle son. he’s an addict now and has a prison record.

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