Life with ADHD – I Can’t Sit Still at Meetings!

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By adulthood, the hyperactivity of childhood ADHD seems to disappear… But it may actually turn into restlessness, stress, fidgeting, frustration, anger or impatience making a business meeting pure torture!

In some children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder the Hyperactive aspect is often the most obvious symptom…

The child is fidgety.  They climb furniture, they squirm, they jump, and they seem like they have a motor running inside even when they are asleep.


When children with ADHD, of the Predominantly Combined Subtype, grow up, they seem to lose the Hyperactivity.  In fact, that’s why, for many years, Doctors thought they outgrew ADHD.  ADHD was a childhood disorder, they thought. They just outgrew the H.   We now know 60 percent of ADHD kids still have the disorder in adulthood.  It just looks different.


They may not be jumping out of their chairs and going, “Oh, Boss, I know the answer, I know!” but they can still feel restless.  Sometimes the feeling is turned into nervous tension like a sports car that has no place to go. But they want to go somewhere and that is what is frustrating. They want to do something, anything. It gets worse when something is boring so they fight to keep their brain on by keeping their body busy. The engine is idling. They want to race. ADDers always feel that RRRRrrrrRRRRRrrrrRRRR.


Many adult ADDers avoid jobs where they have to keep still. Or they keep getting fired from them.  Office jobs are not their forte. If they are lucky, they’ve found a career where they can be on the move.  Always changing.  Sales is an obvious example.

Stimulation is what they seek… nay, they need. They are adrenaline junkies. Sometimes the adrenaline source comes from outside…

or from inside in the form of just plain daydreaming or surfing the Internet endlessly.

Regardless there’s never any peace.  There is never any stillness.  They choose activities that are addictive. However, an educated addict is someone who lives their life at the edge of a cliff and sees the wonder of the world….they get addicted to life.


Or best of all, doing something for someone else, that has you on the move, but also feeling good about contributing.  Rather than just develop shin splints on a treadmill, maybe mow the lawn of a senior citizen.


It’s a win-win-win.  Builds muscle, connection with others, and self esteem.


19 Replies to “Life with ADHD – I Can’t Sit Still at Meetings!”

  1. I had a philosophy teacher in highschool who was a real nice guy, and his course material was fascinating, but he had the world’s most boring monotone- I had to fight through every lecture just to stay focused on what he was saying. It was like being read Socrates by Ben Stein.

  2. I learned way faster by reading, especially books with illustrations, than I did from anything my teachers would say. I’d just be gone by time they’d finished saying, “Hello my name is…”
    Not good.

  3. I sit in a cubicle all day… Man sometimes I’m “diddling” or bouncing both legs enough there the monitor shakes 🙂 I’m half tempted to find one of those under the desk pedal things…

  4. I went to Christian schools through 5th grade. Not good. They said I had a learning disabillity and wanted to hold me back. The joke is on them, though. I am a chaplain and get paid to talk. HA! I have never had a job were I set in one place. I can’t imagine having a desk job. I think I would explode.

  5. I deal with the restlessness and boring meetings by taking over and making decisions for everyone else. To slow, can’t do it, need to get this moving, okay here’s the plan. good? let’s go.

  6. this video is sooo me. the part where he puts the pencil like a mustache i always have to hold myself back from doing in class. i usually always doodle in every class that i made my doodling count…. i started trying to write with my left hand..sometimes i get fustrated because my hand writing is terrible with my left that I once threw the pencil across the room while a history lecture and couldn’t stop laughing… that wasn’t awkward at all

  7. Hahah! I do the writing with the left hand thing, too. I can actually pretty legibly wright with my left hand now…

    I want that paper clip airplane. <3

  8. That “bouncing leg” does count as exercise. It can burn off around 350 calories a day (probably more, if you do it with both legs).

    A Lindor chocolate truffle contains 79 calories.

    So, you could work off 4.43 Lindor truffles a day, just by doing what comes naturally!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh.!!! That is SO me! Until I learned I had ADHD I kept wondering what was wrong with everybody else. How could ANYONE in their right mind sit through a boring meeting? How in the world could anyone in their right mind think a meeting WASN’T boring? I’ve sculpted amazing things out of whatever my hands could reach or doodled significant works of art during meetings. I’ve also made faces, stretched my skin, played with pencils under my nose…Rick wasn’t just trying to be funny (well, I suppose he was); this is real ADHD life, people! The last job I had was so boring I thought I would lose my mind. There were times I literally went into a bathroom stall to cry because I was bored to tears. I had to pray that God would do my work for me because I couldn’t do it alone. Thankfully I was laid off after 4 years. Now my husband wants me to get another job. I just can’t bring myself to look for work.

  10. Love this. In high school I learned to just doodle in my notebook to look like I was taking notes. But if I was tired and it was near the end of the day, the repetition of the doodling would make me soooo sleepy. Ugh pure torture. I don’t really know why teachers can’t just work more physical breaks into a day. Meetings are actually only hard for me if I’m not expected to contribute. If I know I need to chime in it’s easier for me to lock in and pay attention.

  11. This is so recognizable.And if I try to stay still and look directly at the speaker I miss what he’s saying, because the only think I can think about is : Must stay still must stay still -.-

    I work as tech support, luckilly I have a wireless headset and know certain applications by head so I walk and give support in the same time.Drives some of my co-workers crazy, but luckily I’m very good at what I do so this is only considered a minor annoyance 🙂

  12. This was almost like looking into a mirror. I was like this during my five hours of geochemistry presentations. Then my professor wondered why I felt like I had go run five miles.

  13. First time I have ever replied on the videos. BUT ……. THANK YOU so much this is the first time I have laughed in weeks! The video did remind me of MY LIFE – and how I have felt! I have gone through some tough times in the past few weeks! I know I will get better and I am trying so THANK YOU FOR CHEERING ME UP! I have watched this 5 times now and I plan on watching it more. It feels good to laugh so now maybe I will clean the house I have been putting off for days. You are the best!!

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