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ADD & Loving It?! is a ground-breaking blend of humour, hope, and science that dispels the myths about a controversial disorder – Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Comedian Patrick McKenna seeks a diagnosis for Adult ADHD and learns the facts from an impressive array of experts (some of whom have ADHD themselves!) including medical researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, and award-winning authors.  Along the way Patrick reveals how his life as a husband and father are affected by ADD and even shares candid moments as he and his wife Janis work on the steps toward his diagnosis.

Funny, moving, and transformative, this fascinating documentary will hold you spellbound.  Yes, even if you have ADHD!


PATRICK MCKENNA:  This is a documentary that dares to suggest that ADD is not necessarily a total disaster.

DR. VINCENT:  ADHD stands for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

DR. JAIN: Three core symptoms:  Attention, impulse control and motor hyperactivity.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  You know, a lot of people think that ADD is some sort of death sentence, while other people think it’s nothing at all, it’s completely made up, not an issue.

DR HALLOWELL: There are many myths about ADD and I think maybe that’s the scariest, is that there are so many.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  The amount of misinformation is incredible.  The experts aren’t sure of a lot of things and some widely accepted theories have been shot down.

DR. VINCENT:  We have so much data, so much research behind it.

DR. JAIN:  We probably are misdiagnosing it as things like anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  I mean, recognized, acknowledged and accepted, ADD can become an ally.

KATE KELLY:  There’s a feeling when you have unmedicated ADD that I don’t feel good, I don’t feel enough, there’s something out there.

DR. KURTZ:  Moderate or severe ADHD that goes untreated, leaves you really at a loss of life.

PATRICK MCKENNA:  There’s millions of parents and children who are suffering.  As a former child and current adult and parent of ADD, trust me, I know.

DR. JAIN:  You’re built this way.  Your genes drive this.

DR. KURTZ:  What I learned to do in graduate school to treat ADHD, I would now consider malpractice.

DR. VINCENT:  Aspirin would be more dangerous than Ritalin.

DR HALLOWELL:  So the good news is these medications used properly are safe and effective.  The bad news is most people don’t know that and so they fear them.

PATRICK MCKENNA:   So whether you’ve heard that ADD submits you to a life of crime and suffering and possible cannibalism, many of you have heard the complete opposite, that it’s all bull roar made up by the drug companies.  Whatever you heard, be prepared to be surprised.

21 Replies to “ADD & Loving it?! – Highlights”

  1. Here are some use submitted reviews that we’ve received:

    “Wow. I just finished watching “ADD and Loving It” and needless to say I loved it! What a beautiful, thought provoking documentary. There is just so much amazing information that I had no idea was out there. I can see how it would put so many pieces of “the puzzle” together for so many people.” –CP

    “This is the best information I’ve seen on ADD & ADHD. I’ve suffered for years, my 2nd wife has just asked me for a divorce, I’ve got a huge debt load, I lost my job because I couldn’t get things done on time and I’ve been praying for death. You’ve given me hope.” – SW

    “As a professional in the world of ADHD research and treatment, this production is one of the best I’ve seen on ADHD…” -SD

    “I watched your documentary and absolutely loved it. I work for a mental health agency as a Child and Youth Worker in the school setting. I consult with teachers and EA’s and even with parents whose children are diagnosed with ADHD and I would love to show them this documentary to explain exactly what being ADHD means.” –JB

    “I loved your movie. I couldn’t have seen it at a more appropriate time; my daughter was beginning the testing process for possible ADD a few days after I watched it, and the movie really helped to calm some of my fears associated with the treatment for it and helped me see the positive side of it.” – KG

    “Loved your film!  I am an ADHD coach with a recently diagnosed ADHD teen, who most likely inherited it from me. …You all did an AWESOME job with this project!” – AS

    “I am a community mental health worker and I was so impressed with the documentary last night. I loved it. So informative but entertaining also.” – JK

  2. More user submitted reviews:

    “Our family just LOVED your show, “ADD & Loving It?!” Such awesome information that was educational, comforting and even hilarious! Patrick McKenna and Rick Green are a funny and charming inspiration to those with ADD.” –JM

    “I watched the film on Friday night and I loved it! As a teacher it gave me insight as to how my own students with ADD may be feeling. I liked the fast-paced humorous approach you took to a documentary.” –LW

    “Thank you for your Documentary!! I loved it~ thank you for putting it in PLAIN SIMPLE ENGLISH…” -C

    “I watched your film last night (PVR’d it so I could “zoom” through any commercials), I’ll tell you, I got so “Gotten” about 1/2 way through — my husband started giggling and told me “Well, that explains why we had 16 different colours of paint on every single wall” (when I was choosing a colour for our house – which I still haven’t done. I did paint over the 16 with one crappy muddy bit of yuk,) … I started laughing and then went into hysterical sobs… I have never before been so “gotten” with respect to what I deal with… My hubby saw that these actions are not a choice, nor a lack of decision, but what it actually is… a part of how I operate.” –NB

    “Wow!!  Finally a POSITIVE look at ADD & ADHD.  This show is fantastic. Instead of crying like I’ve done through so many discussions and worrying about my now adult daughter, I can honestly laugh!” –PP

    “I’m a father of an ADD child (now 15) and I can’t tell you what a struggle it has, and continues to be.  Have received great help in the past but when I watched your show, I was inspired. And even though I know a “ton” about the subject, your presentation was by far, the best I have seen.”- AD

    “I have lived 30 years with an ADD son and took courses about ADD, read all I could. This is by far the best I have ever seen to help ‘others’ understand what it is and stop telling ADD people to ‘get your act together!’ Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!”- LLB

    “Where and when can I get a copy of the documentary? I watched it with my Mom and Dad last night (all three of us have ADD) and thoroughly loved it. Thanks.” – J

    “That was the best show on ADD I have ever seen.” -LN

  3. Ok. I need an ETA on when I can buy my very own copy of “ADD and Loving It!”.
    You can say it, Rick. I need to read those four little words….”Operators are standing by…”

    I hope 2010 is as amazing for you as the last months of 2009!

    Monika 🙂

  4. THANK YOU! This is a funny, interesting and it gives me hope for myself and my kids with ADD.

    But, I’m praying that this movie will be translate in French so soon….(PLEASE!!!!!!)

    my kids dont speak english enough to understand everything….It could SO encourage them …they are 11 and 13…they are not diagnosed …yet but we do have an appointement.

    Merci beaucoup :O)

  5. I just loved this documentary. It was so informative and I sent a link to all my family and close friends to watch it on Global TV. I have just started exploring your web site and so far, I love it! Keep up the good work.

  6. I watched the show a while back and it completely changed my mind.

    My opinion of ADD used to be that it didn’t really exist and that it was just an excuse for people. I’ve made comments such as: “the cure for ADD must be leather because our father’s belt made us pay attention”

    Thank you for opening my eyes and relieving my ignorance. It’s great to see celebrities promoting science instead of conspiracy theories and pseudo-science – I’m looking at you Jenna McCarthy and Oprah.

  7. My 9 yr old grandson was diagnosed with ADHD, which I thought was bogus and just an excuse for the teachers not wanting to deal with a highly energetic child. Boy was I wrong. After watching “ADD and Loving It?!,” I now realize this runs in our family – my mother, myself, my son and my grandson as well as some of my siblings and other family members. Heck, it’s no wonder I thought it was normal!

    I’ve ordered all the information available and have shared this website with my family. Know any good doctors who give group rates? LOL!!

  8. I’m dying to know what Dr. Kurtz learned in grad school to see if I recognize any of it. 😉

    And Luisp, it doesn’t help when we have funny, but common-denominator shows like South Park that does a whole episode on mis-diagnosed ADD with the whole town a zombie on drugs, but end up with the “actual” cure: a video demonstration of a doctor smacking hyper non-ADHD kids to settle down–and it works. That kind of humor is funny when you know better, but oh-so wrong when the greater public takes it as “irreverent, good old-fashioned truth”

  9. Hey Loisp, I watched the show, and even recorded it so that my wife could watch. unfortunatly, she wont even watch it. it seems that her mind can not be changed. ADHD in her opinion, is stupid, and that I am stupid. The abuse never stops. Got any advice to convince her to watch ? What was the main thing in the film that opened your eyes ?

  10. You can’t force someone to watch it. If someone thinks it’s ‘stupid’ you really can’t change this. The harder you try, the more they’ll be forced to defend their belief. It’s a psychological thing we do, called Cognitive Dissonance.
    If the abuse never stops, that’s a different issue. It sounds like there’s a lot of hurt, anger, disappointment, frustration and sadness there.
    The only way I’ve found to get past that is acknowledge what the other person is feeling and take responsibility for whatever I’ve done. Knowing that I didn’t do it out of ill will. Unless, I did. Which I would then have to fess up to as well.
    Whatever happens, do what’s right for you.

  11. I’m watching ADD and Loving it?! right now at 3:00 am!! This is my 5th time watching it! It is amazing and I joke about it being my life documentary! I tell my friends that I’m watching my life on TV. 😀

  12. This program helped me, and my husband (to deal with me) immensely. I’ve had A.D.H.D. my whole life, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until last year. I’ve never done any research to figure out how to mange it, this video gave me MANY tools that will help.

  13. I really wanted to watch the movie but PBS has messed up (TWICE now) the televised event. One time the show went to Black screen for the last hour and another time they had the show miss-timed again and the Money show with Susan what’s her name came on. It cut off the show in the SAME EXACT SPOT!!! You can only imagine what THAT does to a guy with AD/HD and I scored 17 out of 18 questions as a YES on the test! lol I’m actually get a lot out of your tips area though. Is it possible to BUY the documentary?

  14. I first saw it on PBS then got it on dvd and it dident hit me untill i wached the dvd verson (5th time waching the content) that the reson that it was not sinking in all the way is that it was choped up by a plege drive i was waching with my famly when i burst out laffing at that thought
    also about the post it’s ive brainstormed for projects in the same maner. as well as bying a cellphone with a post it app.!

  15. I am so thankful I stumbled across it one Sunday morning after my diagnosis – I cried, I laughed, I nodded in recognition and felt understood. Thankfully I have been able to see it from the beginning – and cried and laughed and nodded. . . as I have in the 5 or more times I have rewatched. Thank you Rick and Patrick and . . . and . . . and. I find myself really trusting the information because of all the Dr.s in it and giving credence to those Dr.s because they are in it. A logical circle I know, but they sure hit the nail on the head.

  16. Is the DVD available for purchase via download, instead of buying a physical DVD? E.g., can you guys get it into the iTunes store, or even on Netflix? DVDs are just more clutter to keep track of.

  17. Thank you Patrick for lending your talent and energy to this project. Its nice to see a familiar face when looking into something that has so impacted me and I didn’t even realize. I got here primarily from youtube with the Dr. from’s webinar on ADHD and women.too cool. Thanks again.

  18. I LOVED THESE VIDEOS & The book series! My parents and i saw this show on PBS, and HAD to get it!! This video was SOOOOO helpful. It had put so many things in perspective for me, even things i thought were simply personal attributes/ or setbacks. Buy the series and watch it. Read the books. If you dont feel at least a little bit better about yourself, or feel that the video didnt help you, or no good info was in it – then you were not paying attention. 🙂
    If you have ADD/ ADHD really bad, do your best to take it a chapter at a time; but i don’t think that should be an issue because the Vids were made FOR ADD people, BY ADD people. I LOVE the people who came out with these videos & Narrarated them. <3

    – Sincerely, and EXTREMELY satisfied customer/ counselor/ college student
    (Any questions? Just ask me.)

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