Life with ADHD – Impulse Control? Don’t Touch That! – Video

Life with ADHD – Impulse Control? Don’t Touch That! – Video

Our ADHD poster boy Bill gives a hands-on demonstration of how ADHD can look in adults. The core of ADHD is problems with focus and paying attention-it’s uneven. Distracted, then hyper-focused. But not on the right thing. Or at the right time. Many adults also struggle with restlessness and impulsivity. It can show up in pacing, talking too much, feeling driven, unable to relax….


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  1. There was a ‘wet paint’ sign on the pediatrician’s porch during our first visit to talk about ADHD. We’d already seen this video and had a good laugh on the way in as we all had the urge to touch it!

  2. oh yeah, I so hate repeating my mistakes, which, I need to constantly fight the feeling that I am stupid…but I guess, what I am learning is, I need to remember I have ADD….oh dear….

  3. i also find that the more someone tells you NOT to do something, the more you WANT to do it, or the more likely chance you have to actually doing it. whereas if someone told you to do something, chances are you wouldn’t actually do it. i personally think its the curiosity if something will actually happen or if ‘the paint is actually wet, or their just saying that’

  4. For some reason, also, no matter how many times I go to the rec center and try to open the Left door, it is locked. The only door that is ever open, is the right door. For some reason, without fail, I ALWAYS try to open the left door! Every time!

  5. My logic has always been… How wet is it???
    Should the sign even be up? Let me check!
    Good thing is that 80% of the time, it’s mostly just slightly dry or a bit sticky. But the other 20% can be just as messy as in the video! Very Funny!

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