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YOU: “I don’t know how I can ever repay you!

US: “Well, actually…”


Do you love what we do here at TotallyADD?

Hello, my name is Ava Green. Along with my husband Rick, I created ADD & Loving It?! and Neither of us had ever produced a documentary or created a website before, so we had no idea what we were getting into. But we love how it’s turned out.

Every day we hear from people all over the world about how grateful they are for the ideas, information, laughter, and hope they’ve enjoyed. Lives are being changed. Beyond anything we had expected or imagined.

So many people tell us, “I’d like to give back. How can I help?” In fact, many people have helped to create and sustain TotallyADD.

Now there is a way to give back–through a small financial contribution to support TotallyADD’s ongoing mission. This isn’t about ‘paying us back.’ It’s actually about paying it forward.

Your donation, today, will keep the site thriving, up-to-date, and making a difference for years to come.

“This site is the little place I go to feel better about myself”

“Thanks for helping to make sense of a complicated disorder, and for making us laugh!”

“I know that I have a place to turn where I will feel I fit and I am understood!”

Take a moment and consider how Rick’s Rants and Blogs helped you overcome guilt, shame, or regret. Have the Forums Free Videos inspired you? Has TotallyADD had an impact on your life—your partners, children, and colleagues? has provided my family with so many more tools that I didn’t know I needed, I cannot even count them all. This website is a MUST for anyone with ADHD or trying to help someone with it”

Don’t you love that so much of the content we’ve created is totally free?

Count Me In Donate ButtonSince TotallyADD was launched, Rick and I have worked non-stop to produce more videos, interview scores of experts, host dozens of webinars, create audios, blogs, and more.

“I appreciate y’all, you’re saving my life.”

“Thank you for this book, you have saved my life.”

“It’s one thing to know that you have this, but trying to explain it to friends and family is almost impossible. This was the hugest thing we got out of it.”

No other website features so many experts, so much information, presented with humor and humanity for free.

Free Blogs. Free Tools. Scores of Free videos on every aspect of ADHD. A huge public Forum. Free webinars. Free Coaches Directory.

All of his material, free! Free from corporate sponsors. Free from Pharma funding. Free of advertising. Free of Membership Dues and User Fees. Of course, you’re not naive. You know, nothing is truly free.

Creating all of the ‘Free’ material on TotallyADD takes time and money. Until recently, we had help.

A government grant funded the construction of the original website in 2009. Tax credits helped cover costs of much-needed make-over in 2011. And we’re grateful to live in a country that supports us in doing that, but those programs have ended.

Residuals from PBS were the primary source of funding for everything we do, but that is now coming to an end.

I Support This Cause Donate ButtonWe’re committed to being an independent, trustworthy, and fun place to understand your challenges and succeed at what matters to you.

Is that important to you too?

“Your video helped the people around me, believe me and become my advocate as well. It has changed everything in my life, more than I can say here. It should be something everyone should watch… You may have co-workers like this, your kids may have friends like this. Once you understand, it’s much easier to be compassionate.”

Hhas ow TotallyADD helped you? Have we saved you time, energy, and money? Have we given you hope, inspiration, and a place where you are understood?

“After seeing “ADD and Loving It!” my world was rocked. FINALLY, here was a program that actually explained some of the things I deal with but could never articulate coherently.”

How many hundreds of dollars would you have paid a doctor, marriage counselor, therapist, or coach to know what you know and be where you are now?

Every donation allows us to expand our resources and to pay the people who do the 1,001 things that keep the site going.

Yes I Will Donate ButtonWhat can I do?

Five dollars. Twenty dollars. Two hundred. Whatever amount you contribute will have a big impact, and will be deeply appreciated… and well spent. As the person who does the accounting, I can assure you Rick and Jimi make the most of every dollar we receive. Rick has a unique ability to create a big bang for every buck. And he has so many more ideas he wants to bring to life. The support of you, and thousands of other members, can make them happen.

TotallyADD is not a charity. We cannot issue tax receipts. Your donation is not a write-off or deduction. Which means every donation we receive truly is a gift.

Your generous donation guarantees that we will be here, without need of corporate sponsors, advertising, membership dues, or pay-per-view fees. Help Jimi, Rick, and I to be able to reach and impact the millions of adults who are still struggling through life, undiagnosed and unaware that there is hope.

Support TotallyADD on our mission to create connection, share knowledge, and fuel accomplishment.

We are all in this together.

With gratitude from all of us,

Ava Green


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