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Re: 12 Autist develops relativity theory

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The problem with viewing ADHD in this manner is that you have the same neurophysiology as other human beings as does the autistic boy in the article I would imagine. The neurochemistry and active parts of the brain are the differing factors. People with ADHD, of which I am one, think different because of the active parts of the brains and the chemicals being accepted, etc. It is important to stress that we are NOT a different species or mutation, e.g. X-Men. We lack the ability to control our attention, which has both positive and negative repercussions. ADHD sufferers are not savants generally speaking and should not be grouped with that sub-type of autism at all.

I prefer the analogy that ADHD people are drivers who drive too fast and do not perceive the rules of the road rather than as merely speed demons. We don’t just think fast, but lack the ability to control how long we think about something or when it is time to move on to a new topic. This includes hyperfocusing/perseverating about things irrelevent to the task at hand.

I am sorry, but my view is that ADHD is crippling in a world where adults are asked to conform to the expected norm.