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Re: A facade that worked too well…apparently

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sounds familiar. :)

i’m used to people not knowing what i’m talking about though- i don’t tend to let it bother me so much- as i don’t have too clear of an idea about what i’m on about a lot of the time myself. :P

when i first told my mum, and read some bits out of ADD books to her, she laughed- with sheer joy and releif that finally we knew what on earth was going on with me. :D i expect my dad and brother are incredibly dubious about the whole thing- no doubt along with a bunch of others, but i really don’t let it get to me- what matters is that *i* get it, and that *i’m* gonna be ok. thats not something their comprehension, skepticism, or lack there of has any bearing on whatsoever. :)

if you’re a bit more sensitive to criticism- i’d just keep it under your hat whenever you feel you need to- while we tend to feel the need to shout our revelations from the rooftops (just like everyone who finds religion, politics, the meaning of life, or whatever inevitably does when its new and exciting) much of the time it really doesn’t need saying- or make an ounce of difference to most other people- they’re gonna keep pottering along and doing their thing regardless. :)