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It’s good to rant. A lot. Just to get it outa my system. On paper or a screen is better than stuck inside me. I’ve read your posts Filmbuff. In other words, I’m listening. I hear you.

Lot’s of times I just need to talk, the next best thing is to write here. If I write enough eventually I find my own answers. Not all of what I write makes it on to the pages here. But the solution part sometimes does. I’m sure it helps at least a small handful. Perhaps hundreds or more, ya never know.

Thanks for sharing your reality with us. We give a crap.

We do. We care cuz lot’s of us feel the same pain.

Stick around, keep writing. That’s the closest thing to advice I’ll be giving you for tonight. I feel less alone when I read about your hellish experiences. That helps, so thanks.

<<<<We have the worst health care system in the world. >>>>>

I don’t care what the truth is, but what you’ve said is how I feel a lot. People with disabilities, You, me… the rest, the invisible. We’re lucky to get those 6 sessions. Gotta fight like crazy to get em too. Then they treat/use us like lab rats. medical students n young residents PRACTICE medicine on us, WAY before they get the hang of it. They don’t need to pay grave robbers any more, they got us!!

I’m really crazy. Absolutely nuts, so I find humor in all kinds of places normal people don’t, and it’s spills outa the cracks in my skull like lava. The lava usually comes after the volcano blows it’s top. Deep and profound huh? ahh, maybe not. My humor is like lava, creeping along, searing hot, and dangerous. Lave turns into brand new earth, and paradise, even good beach breaks. (for surf-able waves)

On a good day, I have the ability to edit out a lot of the struggle n just write the funny stuff. A few folks in this camp laugh so hard they almost pee. Some do pee!, lol. I’m not sorry about that, pyoo. But then they forget to write anything because something shiny caught their attention before they get the chance. Maybe they come back to post a reply, but can’t find my post. See what I mean? I found the solution to some of my fears just by writing about my frustration first. I wrote about that on another thread. It takes time sometimes.

So keep venting the crap. I bet there’s some cool stuff just underneath all that history of torment n struggle. OOps, I gave ya some more advice.

Never mind.

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