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I tried knitting a while ago- when my nan got moved into the nursing home and was bored. I knew the basics so got her to show me how to read a pattern and all that. She couldn’t break down the movements to slow motion and I couldn’t follow her, so I had to sneak a look at youtube on my phone so she thought I was learning from her. We gave up when her eyesight and arthritis got too bad. Plus I gave up because I am sooo slow. I bought a book with things to knit quickly. The mittens said they took two hours. One of mine took more like 10 hours. Well I have never finished the second one it was taking so long. And if I’m knitting, I can’t do anything else as I need my whole concentration span on that only. But this was a few years back now, maybe I should give it another go, especially now with my adhd discovery.