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I just read what I posted a week ago. if I were another reader reading this post, I would think that this person is very angry because of how they word things and use so many exclamation points. I’m going to stop that. I used that punctuation trying to highlight things that I wanted everyone to get, things I felt were important. Man, even in cyber space, I’m trying to control everyone.

When I read Tiddlers response to something I wrote in another thread, he urged me to practice breathing and learn to create some mental visions of water following in my belly to help calm me. I’m not a angry person. But I am way too controlling.

I just realized that all I have to do is write whats on my mind and those that feel what I feel and get what I get will understand. I don’t need to underline, highlight or use specific punctuations to get my point across. I’m not angry or bent on responding to things I have issues with. I just wanna talk and express my opinions and connect with others who are going through what I’m going through. And I want to learn from others who have traveled life a while knowing they have ADHD because they have gained insight and invaluable knowledge.

So if I have offended anyone with anything I have written please forgive me. I really do like this site and the members. Peace and Love everyone.