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Ask people about themselves and listen to them, lovingkindness meditation, art of small talk, look out for social interactions..

noted!! thx

I wonder why no_dopamine? you dont like or stop talking after you got better?


yea, not able to tell ppl are lying or exaggerating..thats exactly what i meant when i said non-verbal communication.. thats a big one and affects my social interactions because i never know where they are coming from..ppl make fun often of this for me.. i am starting to think we need to learn by example on these..


hangout with group of ppl is good idea but those situations make me anxious and i say stupid and blurt out things if i sit calm for long time..now its better with medicaton so i am trying to get back to my friends group i had before


i am at a point where i recently knew add and acknowledging these problems and now looking out solutions or ways to cope with them…

Active Listening, STOP, LISTEN.. good points..

I never, never argue or contradict..thats me too!!!

i think thats because we are too focused on ourself in conversations and other thing is being perfect..thats a biggie…i think we dont say anything unless we know it’s perfect and we know that others would not reject it or laugh about it…i say to myself that i dont need to be perfect always and get over it now.. that helps me…


yea, if i go to a shopping store w/o knowing what i want to buy i get tired in 10 mins and need to get out…

How do you get away gracefully?

i think one point i learned is if others are starting to look away and not directly at you then that means its time to leave.. and i usually try to leave a conversation early if its trivial and i dont have much to say but if the other person continues to talk then i will stay until hes done…

How do you feign interest and follow the discussion while bored out of your mind?

hahahha..so true..i cannot keep that emotion hidden…


easy target..hmm.. maybe some add support groups help for you..you sound like u gave up..pls look at other posts and they gave lot of support and positive points that i can work on and see if they work or not…

your school days over so forget those and being odd man out at work is a bit like me but i am starting to accept that.. one thing i do is get the task done correctly and not worry much about the noise around..


overstimulated and exhausted when I’m in group situations, and that tends to overshadow my sense of who I am in those environments.

this is the problem that lead me to avoid friends altogether…. i think one solution is get away from that briefly and then come back to join group.. say go out to smoke or restroom.. or see a tv/movie thats going on…something like that

Thanks for great inputs… this is my first post and i already benefiting here and you guys are talking my langauge… happy for that!!