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Here are 12 simple tips for improving “small talk” skills in a business situation but they could also apply in many other social situations http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/Careers/03/03/small.talk/index.html

Also, here’s a preview (Google books) of a book called The Fine Art of Small Talk http://books.google.com/books/about/The_fine_art_of_small_talk.html?id=Xagm5g4GKYsC – check your local library (I just put one on hold). It’s still about business relationships but the skills can be applied to other situations without a profit motive. Among other things, she talks about two primary objectives to becoming better conversationalists:

  1. Take the risk – it’s up to you to start the conversation, don’t wait for others to start it
  2. Assume the burden – come up with topics to discuss, remember people’s names & introduce them to others, relieve awkward moments or fill in the pauses so that people will feel comfortable talking with you.

For ADDers, I suspect we overdo the last part, filling in the gaps – I know I do. So I need to be mindful of running-off-at-the-mouth.