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I don’t have any real friends either. I am pretty much of a loner. Growing up, it was by choice, because I got picked on at school. Mostly, the kids picked on me because I was so stupid, and I was always daydreaming. I used to get beat up a lot, and bullied because I was an easy target. By the time I was in high school, the beatings stopped because I got bigger, but the harassment never slowed down. I raised not being seen to an art form.

To this day, I feel very uncomfortable around people, and a lot of that has transferred to my agoraphobia. I am OK in my house, I am less so in my yard, and if anyone visits me, I go do a very thorough cleaning almost purging of this person’s presence from my house.

I am trying to get some of my stories published (I would welcome any ideas on how to do this). These stories are mostly a product of my daydreaming and “what if” ideas.

My work is the same way. I am the odd man out, and I am always the first one to be let go. Being a contractor keeps me moving, so I don’t really make friends.