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Re: ADD and Suicide, is there a connection?

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90% of the time in the first one I spend away. Now, it’s about 70%. Got a friend nearby and parents house to goto in case it’s gets loud. Various ways to escape. Singing helps too. It annoying to hear about the trivial things that bother some,”how bad things are?”. Geez, live mine for three months and see if you don’t loose your sanity or off yourself.

PS, i’v been off my meds for a while now. I’m emotional state is becoming unstable again. I’ll be back on soon.

Venting: I’ll say it since no one will. Methods and thinking examined in fine detail. I’m no medical guru, but there effective. This insight should help to see what they were thinking. This is mine, others i’v talked to, and research.

I can’t stand living anymore. It’s just too much, too much suffering and pain. It never ends. I’ll never find love. I’ll never get out of this bad environment. I’ll never [blank]. Life is pointless. That’s it I give up. No more emotional torture by living. Even a nightmare dreamworld is better than this. No more… How do I it?

Car off cliff – 100ft+ no seatbeat. Low chance that I’v be alive but severely injured. Better if off cliff with deep water at base.

Fast poison: hydrogen cyanide(gas), potassium cyanide(solid). Nice and quick used by spies and various, less than 30 seconds. How do I get it? hmmm

overdose of sleeping pills, good chance you’ll just wake up after a long sleep.

research for proper overdose values is needed.

A poke to the neck main blood line. quick, but messy. Pass out quickly then brain dead in 5 mins.

Gun to the head, tricky. If not done correctly, brain damage, not death. Direction must be chosen carefully.

Electric shock, quick if done correctly. Done wrong, brain damage, but not death.

Jump off a very high bridge. Tricky, low chance you might survive. I have to make sure there’s no one around to stop me.

There must be more choices. Hmmmm….

If I research suicide, I can find out the things that will give me away. So, no one will ever know. I can succeed at gaining peace of death.

You thought I was kidding? This is the thinking that goes through your mind. Teenagers do this more often, since they don’t have coping mechs. I have many too choose from. Years ago, I figured out something was preventing me from crossing the line.

(neo-pagan/new age specific belief warning). Tarot says great changes are coming. Love comes into your life. More effort is needed to advance your career. The scientific side says be open to it, but be doubting.

One more idea of many to try next…