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I can only speak from the point of view of a former user, and one with not only ADD, but also Asperger’s Syndrome, and during the time of my using, PTSD.

There is NO question that marijuana made my life far worse than it was before I began using.

I cannot speak from the point of view of ADHD only.

All it did for me was provide escape. Nothing more. I ignored my finances, performed poorly at my jobs, and slept a LOT. It also affected my diet. I ate nothing but junk. The year following my last indulgence, I found I had more energy, performed much better at work, started paying bills instead of blowing my finances on junk food and dope, and became exponentially more productive.

The single most noticeable affect pot had on me was massive short term memory loss. I for one don’t see how on earth a drug that has that effect can possibly help with ADD.

I suppose it can be different for others, but if any professional ever recommended it to me, I’d walk right out of their office and seek help elsewhere.