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Thanks for the great insight Fearwidg! I’m happy to hear that Adderal is so effective. I just wish they had the generic brand right now. I’m on EI and have no health benefits at all so it’s a pretty big hit. I did notice that yes, when the Rit wore off, I became very exhausted and extremely irritable. It takes me longer to get really angry now but when I do, look out. No leash. Not physically but I bark like a raging pitbull and I don’t like myself at all.

The other thing I noticed is diahrrea. Does anyone else have gastrointestinal issues on any of the meds? I am eating WAY more too and have developed a penchant for coffee. I NEVER drank coffee before but now, I have at least 2 cups a day. Normal?

I too HATE having to take meds. I just don’t feel myself on them at all and I have this sensation that I’m somehow ‘less’ than I should be but they do quiet the noise and ‘seem’ to allow me to concentrate a little better although I have to be honest; I didn’t really have an epiphany moment on Rit where it was like “Wow! I can focus!” and the positive results are negligible versus the negative ones. I’ll have to take the rest of the Rit while I save for the Adderal but I am looking forward to a much slower release and diminish for sure.