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First off, are you really a librarian? I am too! AND I love to cook.

Unfortunately, it was the Adderall XR that caused my IC. :-( I never even had a bladder infection in my life then three months after starting Adderall XR: BAM. I was so, so sick… yet I kept taking the Adderall XR for another four months and got sicker and sicker… but I was focused and organized even through the pain!!!

I too, am now on Elmiron. I’m down to two capsules at night and getting good results with PT and exercise. When I described when the pain began, (after I FINALLY found a doctor -urologist- who would believe me) she said that she has seen a lot of new women patients with ADHD on Adderall “coming down” with IC. I’ve been off Adderall for over a year now and am doing well … Not ADHD-wise, but bladder/pelvic floor-wise. I reallly miss the wonderful effect that Adderall XR gave me. I was happy, organized, no problems with mood. I was myself only better – more self-controlled. I’m not a “severe” ADHDer but “bad enough” to cause anguish, sadness, frustration at not begin able to complete things, find things, remember things.

After a lot of thought and research (I am a librarian after-all!) I have concluded that I may have taken the Adderall all wrong. I would take it with coffee about a half an hour before eating and not really drink enough water throughout the day. I’ve never been a big drinker of anything… ever. I can go like a camel… all day without drinking.

I now make sure I drink more water even though my IC is under control for the most part. The only time I have a “flare” is when I get sick and lay around too much and don’t drink enough. I don’t need the special IC diet and am able to drink a small coffee again. Good thing ‘cuz that’s my favorite drug of choice.

I would recommend you take the Adderall XR with protein (perhaps a little egg sandwich with turkey sausage, egg and cheese) and drink LOTS of water. Give up the coffee if you can. It’s dehydrating.

I JUST started Intuniv about a week ago. I went to a CHADD meeting and Dr. Patricia Quinn, who is an expert on ADHD especially with women, recommended it after telling her what happened to me. I haven’t seen a lot of improvement yet and I’m a bit sleepy, but they say it takes 2-3 weeks to have a full effect. Since I work at a school, I have the school nurse check my blood pressure since low pressure is a side effect … so far, so good. I’m not taking any chances this time. I am also keeping a journal. I make note of any mood or physical change. I also changed my primary care doctor since 1. She “had doubts” about whether ADHD in adults is real and 2. She didn’t really monitor my PHYSICAL condition while she was prescribing the Adderall.

Good luck on the Adderall. It’s wonderful stuff, but if you feel one bit of a “flare”, stop. Tell your doctor. Get the IC under control and then see if you can try Intuniv or some other non-stimulant. Also make sure you have a great therapist.