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Re: ADHD and keeping on topic

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ME TOO. Me too, me too, me too to all of this!

For me, sometimes I experience it as fun and creative. I like how my mind goes in a million different directions and makes connections and notices things. I only wish I could get it all OUT succinctly, without repeating myself, or forgetting to come back to one topic or another.

Just the other day I kept asking a friend I had over, “What was the question? Wait, what was I saying? What was the point of that story?” because I would start to say one thing, interrupt myself with a sub-plot, and then forget what the original story was.

I also do a lot of repeating and talking in circles. I’m most embarrassed about that, because I hate to think I am boring the person I’m talking to, or they’re sitting there thinking “You already said that, move ON!!!”

At work (I’m a waitress), they call me Squirrel. Sometimes I play up the ditzy, silly, say-anything, stupid, childish, helpless persona as a coping mechanism, but I really would like to be seen as more competent. Not less creative, not lose any of the thoughts in my head, but definitely more able to handle all the thoughts in my head and manipulate them as I wish.